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   Chapter 1894 Scramble For The Treasures

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After a while, the people from the four schools and the other forces of the Middle Pilgrim Land entered the city through the gate.

Behind them were the people from the other four regions, also entering the city.

In the Middle Pilgrim Land, all the stewards from major sects were masters at least at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Therefore, almost all of their people who entered the Immortal Burial City were just disciples.

Meanwhile, those from the other four regions were different.

For example, in the East Mainland, many of the ordinary elders of the three holy lands and the three noble clans were at the Major-perfection Realm.

All cultivators at or below the Major-perfection Realm had the opportunity to get into the Immortal Burial City.

Therefore, in the four regions––including the East Mainland, the West Desert, the South Mountain, and the North Plateau––the stewards and even the elders of different sects were qualified to enter the city.

With this, a large number of middle-aged cultivators and even some grey-haired old men from the four regions had been prepared to enter.

"Let's go! We should catch up with the time!"

All the warriors from the four regions were determined not to fall behind. Using their bodily movement skills, they rushed towards the gate in a heartbeat.

"Elder Sharp and three elders, we'll go ahead,"

Austin said.

In the Flame Holy Land, the elders were all Heavenly Grotto Realm masters. Thus, they were not allowed to get inside the city.

"Okay. Be careful. Remember to keep safety first at all cost,"

Elder Sharp reminded.

The other three elders also cast their encouraging eyes at Austin.

After all, he was the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land.

In their eyes, he had become the holy lord of their land.

After nodding curtly, Austin immediately rushed out.

Next to them, Peacock Princess, Bray, Edward, and other cultivators below the Major-perfection Realm also activated their bodily movement skills and hurried to the gate of the city wall.

In a flash, the crowd surged like a torrent all at once.

Behind the massive flock of cultivators was Austin, who calmly sat foot on the threshold of the city.

He found that it was even more magnificent t

ly, he opened the bottle with great effort, only to find that the pills inside had already turned into dust, thus losing their effect.

Peacock Princess, her maids, and Bray all rushed to the nearby medicine shelves, snatching the jade bottles on them.

"Boy, I guess the five jade bottles on the medicine shelves at the corner contain some good stuff,"

the gnome said to Austin abruptly at that moment.

Austin followed the gnome's instruction and saw the five jade bottles sitting in the corner of those shelves, each as small as a thumb. They looked so dim and not eye-catching at all––probably why the other cultivators had not taken an interest in them yet.

The gnome had the unique sensibility to treasures; he could sense if something was precious or not.

Without any hesitation, Austin flashed and moved towards that corner.

"Fuck off!"

Suddenly a howl resounded. At the same time, a tiny red light spot was shot towards Austin.

With his spiritual sense, Austin found that it was a bloody red embroidery needle, as thin as an ox's hair, glittering with a strange red light.

Raising his hand, he slashed the bloody embroidery needle with a more than 300 meters wide sword aura.

But, the next moment, he found that the embroidery needle was not affected at all. Instead, it rushed towards his Soul Sea directly.

In an instant, the needle had penetrated his Soul Sea entirely.

It turned out it was a magic weapon, specially made for dealing with spiritual souls.

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