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   Chapter 1892 Ready To Move In

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"The protecting array at the Immortal Burial City is too powerful

Several sects from the Middle Pilgrim Land had joined together and gathered their powerful cultivators. Those at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were called to create an opening at the protective array of the Immortal Burial City. Then those cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm will be sent to the Immortal Burial City to look for opportunities.

Now, these strong cultivators from all the sects were just waiting for the elite disciples.

They will start working on it the following day,"

Elder Brendan said to Austin.

'It seems that I came at the right time, '

Austin thought.

"Excuse me. Are you Austin?"

Bray approached Austin and gave him a strange look.

He immediately ran over when he learned from his father that the unfamiliar figure was actually Austin.

"How are you? Yes, it's me,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Wow! What an impressive disguise.

I also want that. When can you teach me this?

It will be very helpful to me since I don't want to be recognized wherever I go in the East Mainland. And I also find it difficult to court girls with this same face.

Shit! Once I get this skill, I'll become a handsome man. I think it will be much easier for me to chase those Holy Daughters,"

Bray praised Austin as he looked at him from head to toe.

"Don't worry. I will teach you once I have the time,"

Austin answered.

"Great! You're indeed my good buddy!

Anyway, I harvested a lot in the Fallen Immortal World. I obtained a lot of superior herbs and magic treasures.

Aside from that, I also acquired some kind of martial art heritage in an ancient cave.

I will share some of them with you later.

Since we are good friends, we should also share our good things that we have."

Bray smiled and patted Austin on the shoulder.

"That's so thoughtful of you. Thank you so much, Bray."

Austin was grateful. Although Bray was a little unreliable at times, he was a very good friend to him.

"Hey! Austin, is it really you?"

The Peacock Princess asked Austin through spiritual

ose our life. Those of you who intended to enter the city should reconsider it carefully.

People at the Heavenly Grotto Realm should not enter the city. Once you try, you will be rejected or even get killed,"

a short and hearty old man said in a commanding tone.

The short old man was quite intimidating. He emitted an astonishing wave of energy that gave off a terrifying feeling.

He was a peerless master.

The old man looked around after he finished his words.

"Okay, Master Macallan, please come out and preside over the array,"

the old man said loudly.


A white light flashed and went to the old man's side.

An old man who looked like an immortal appeared. He was wearing a white robe, and the three strands of his long beard fell on his chest.

It turned out that Macallan was a very famous array expert in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

He was very powerful. His understanding of arrays was on the top five in the Divine Continent!

"Thank you, Master Macallan for gracing us with your presence,"

the short old man said to Macallan.

"Ha-ha! You're too polite.

Now, all the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, please come out,"

Macallan said.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many figures came to Macallan one after another.

They were all at the level of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

There were thousands of them and each of them looked terrifying.

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