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   Chapter 1891 The Strange Rules Of The Immortal Burial City

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Austin raised his eyes and looked at the Immortal Burial City at the distant horizon.

The area of the city was unimaginably large. The city wall that was covered with moss extended to the horizon and seemed to have no end.

It was obvious that this city used to be magnificent in the past. It must held a very high status and of great importance.

However, it became completely deserted after so many years.

Currently, this city was desolate and dead since no one lived here anymore.

At this moment, many cultivators had already gathered around the city.

However, none of them dared to enter yet.

All the cultivators were scattered outside the city and they were just looking from afar.

As they were taking a closer look at the large city, the cultivators fell into a hot discussion.

Isis suddenly saw someone as she looked from a distance.

"Master Miriam!" she shouted.

Not so far from her was a group of women. They were from the Moon Palace in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

The leader of the group was a stooped old woman with silver hair. She was walking with a cane.

'So, that is the legendary Miriam, ' thought Austin when he saw the old woman.

This was not the first time that Austin laid his eyes on her.

He remembered that he had also seen her by the seaside of the Immortal Burial Sea.

He saw how powerful she was back then especially when Austin had a fierce battle against those mysterious creatures from the depths of the Immortal Burial Sea.

"I'm going to meet Master Miriam now," said Isis to Austin.

Austin's mind went back to the present time when he heard Isis' voice.

"Okay," he replied with a nod.

However, before Isis could turn to leave, she faced Austin and looked into his eyes.

"Are you Austin Lin or not?" she asked directly.

Austin was obviously taken aback by her question.

After spending some time with Austin, Isis felt more and more convinced that the young man in front of her right now was the Austin that she had known. It was a woman's unique intuition.

Austin didn't know what to say. He was tongue-tied.

"Isis!" Miriam's voice suddenly came.

Austin heaved a sigh of relief. Thanks to Miriam for calling Isis' name in time, he was saved.

Miriam's spiritual sense force was so powerful that she had already felt the presence of Isis and Austin the moment they showed up.

Then, she and the remaining fellows of the Moon Palace rushed towards Isis in an instant.

"Your people are coming. I have to go," said Austin when he saw the group of women getting closer to them.

It was a very good excuse for him to escape.

Before Isis could say a word, Austin had already moved away in a flash.

When the group reached Isis' side, Austi

ection Realm are allowed to enter the city. Those cultivators whose cultivation base is at or higher than the Heavenly Grotto Realm will be rejected or even get killed when they forcefully break in."

Austin was in awe upon hearing Elder Sharp's explanation.

He couldn't believe his ears.

"That's unbelievable!" he exclaimed. "Why are there so many strange rules?"

Austin was not only surprised, but was also curious why there seemed to be so many strange rules in this city.

Elder Sharp just shrugged his shoulders for he was also not sure of the real story behind.

He told Austin what he had only knew.

"Well, this information came from the people of the ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land. It was said that last time, the Fallen Immortal World appeared in the Middle Pilgrim Land, and that many sects in the land during that time entered it."

Austin was listening seriously to what Elder Sharp was narrating.

He was very interested to know the history of the Fallen Immortal World.

"Because of that, they have the detailed records about the Fallen Immortal World. That means they were all very familiar with it. Maybe the major sects in the Middle Pilgrim land will benefit a lot from the treasure hunt inside the Fallen Immortal World," added Elder Sharp.

Austin had learned a lot of information from Elder Sharp.

Everything seemed to be getting clearer to him now.

'So, that's what happened. No wonder Elder Cowell of the Unworldly Sect has the map of this bloody desert, ' brooded Austin. 'The ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land are quite familiar with the Fallen Immortal World.

On the other hand, the other sects in the other four regions are very unfamiliar with it.

They are completely clueless. That's so unfair!'

Austin remained quiet as he was contemplating.

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