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   Chapter 1890 Reaching Destination (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5891

Updated: 2020-01-14 13:54

Strong winds blew, casting dust into the air and making it difficult to breathe and see.

"You've gone too far, you bastard!" Elder Cowell yelled over all the noise. His voice sounded weaker than before and he was barely holding onto his sword.

He remained floating in the air but he was doubled-over and coughing up blood.

Back when he had fought against the black-scaled camel, he had been badly injured but it was nothing compared to now. He could only use about ten percent of his strength. Austin felt no sympathy for him when he couldn't even straighten up.

Austin continued to swing the pot at the old man relentlessly and he slowly began to give up.

Austin was much more powerful than he had thought.

"You bullied me first. Now I will take your life while you are weak!" Austin bellowed.

Austin opened his mouth and yelled until the veins on his neck stood up. Brilliant lights shone from every pore in his body and cast at the old man.

Moments later, the tri-point double-edged sword in front of Elder Cowell couldn't defend him any longer; he was too weak to speak.

Dented and bent, it flew through the air and landed stuck in the sand a couple meters away.

Now that he was left unprotected, black sea water rushed towards Elder Cowell, lifting threateningly over his head.

However, he wasn't about to die without putting up a fight. He focused as hard as he could and vital energy roared out of him in the form of light. It combined and rotated, forming a thick shield in front of him.

If he still had the ability to move, he would have given up and used his bodily movement skill to leave intact.

Sadly, he had no other choice but to fight with everything he had left.

"Go to hell, old man!"

Austin picked up th

map, we will never get lost again,"

Austin added with a smile.

'This is the most valuable thing that I've found all day! And look! There is more!'

Smiling wider, Austin took out a large number of precious natural resources, magic treasures, superior pills, and jade slips with martial arts skills recorded on them from Elder Cowell's Space Ring.

"Okay. I've got it all. Let's go."

After quickly examining the map, Austin and Isis used their bodily movement skills to continue their journey.

A day later, they came across more cultivators for the first time in a while.

As they got further into the desert, the more people they found.

They discovered everyone was travelling in the same direction as they were.

"Yes! We must have chosen the correct route," Austin said to Isis.

She smiled at him and they continued on.

Half a day later, they saw a multitude of people ahead of them.

There were so many that he couldn't count all of them.

Austin could see a big, old city appearing on the horizon.

'That must be it! The Immortal Burial City!'

Austin thought, and his heart was beating faster at the thought of entering its gates.

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