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   Chapter 1889 Reaching Destination (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6144

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Despite Elder Cowell being gravely injured, Austin acknowledged the fact that he was still a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. He knew he would be a fool to underestimate the elder. Using his mind, he directed the Pot of Chaos in front of him.


Within a split second, Elder Cowell had sent a huge wave of vital energy at Austin. The pot had absorbed it, causing the loud sound to echo in their ears.

Austin cowered behind the pot during the attack but now that nothing followed it, he peeked out. The Pot of Chaos hadn't moved an inch.

Peering around the pot, Austin saw that Elder Cowell was shocked. 'What's this pot? I used my most powerful energy but it stayed still. I thought it would crack as soon as I touched it.' The elder was bewildered.

"Uncle Cowell, do you see how powerful the herbal pot is? After you kill the damn weakling, I'll take it for myself."

As the young man whose father was the leader of the Unworldly Sect stared at the Pot of Chaos, his eyes lit up.

'This magic treasure can withstand a blow from a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. If I get it, many cultivators in the Divine Continent will be envious of me, ' he thought in excitement.

"Really? I've already told you that you're a dead man but you still think you're going to get my things? You really do deserve to die!"

Austin yelled.

Pointing at the two of them, he caused the Pot of Chaos to lean forwards.

Dark sea water flowed out of it and a wave formed that covered menacingly over the sky.

Elder Cowell's eyebrows shot upwards as it rushed towards him.

"Watch out!"

Elder Cowell shouted.

He understood how dangerous the sea water was for himself, and his crew was much weaker. He had to protect them.

He spread his arms and from his wounded body, a beam of light shot out and illuminated the sp

t ants under his boot.

"Those were my people, you brat!"

Elder Cowell screamed as the remnants of the blood floated away in the breeze.

"Calm down, old man. You're next," Austin said, collecting his arms back into their normal size.

Before Elder Cowell had a chance to reply, Austin ran towards him. As he raised his hand, five beams of sword aura rushed at Elder Cowell. The sword auras were so sharp and powerful that it seemed to have torn the space open!

Once again, Austin grew his right arm until it was the size of a small mountain.

Light fire burned on his arm as he hit the Pot of Chaos.


The Pot of Chaos shook and cast forwards until it crashed against the tri-point double-edged sword that Elder Cowell was still wielding.

Elder Cowell held tightly onto his sword as it shook in his hands. He pulled it closer to his body as if he were protecting it.

Calling the pot back to him, Austin flung it again and it hit the sword, causing a metal echo to travel through the air.

The area around them began to shake, even the air trembled. Each time the two weapons collided, the waves of energy grew so that the people nearby thought the world was going to collapse any time soon.

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