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   Chapter 1888 Meet Elder Cowell Again

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When Austin had finished, he teleported into the City model to visit Caroline. It had been a while since he had last seen her and he missed her. Plus, he had so much he wanted to tell her.

He searched for a couple moments but couldn't find her anywhere. After releasing his spiritual sense to search the entire model, he finally stumbled upon her. A disappointed sigh burst through his lips when he saw that she had been sealed in a huge, grey cocoon.

Priest Callum was standing in front of the cocoon with his arms crossed. Austin nodded at him and kept walking.

He would have to wait to speak with Caroline. It would be extremely cruel and selfish of him to interrupt her cultivating. Besides, he wanted her to be stronger so she could protect herself when she was alone.

As he talk to the old priest, he discovered that thousands of members of the evil shadow race had reached the Emperor Realm. Pride swept through him when he knew that most of them had entered the Slave Tower to practice.

Even more surprising and delightful, some of them had reached the Divine Bridge Realm.

The efforts that had been put in were showing amazing results. The members of the evil shadow race would be ready to win battles soon.

After updating himself, Austin teleported out of the City model. He found Isis and took both of them out of the Slave Tower.

When they both landed back in the bloody desert, Isis stared at Austin in awe.

"Okay. Next, we're heading for the Immortal Burial City. I need to find it,"

Austin said to Isis, ignoring the questions written in her face.

Isis nodded and swallowed all of her questions.

The Immortal Burial City was located in the center of the bloody desert;

however, Austin didn't know exactly where. The desert was huge and the middle wasn't very specific. It would take the two of them a long time to locate it.

Austin pointed forwards and they activated their bodily movement skills. Flying through the air, they spent a few hours to reach the middle of the desert.

Suddenly, Austin held out his hand and stopped Isis.

In front of them, a group of people were flying towards them.

As the distance between them decreased, he recognized them. "It's Elder Cowell of the Unworldly Sect," Austin informed Isis quietly. They both watched silently as Cowell approached with a young master and hundreds of disciples of the Unworldly Sect.

"Elder Cowell, it's the couple that killed a bunch of disciples from our sect!"

the disciples yelled at their leader. They gritted their teeth and clenched their fists as they stared at Austin and Isis.

It was easy for Austin to recall the time he had obliterated people of the Unworldly Sect in battle. Despite them being clearly outnumbered, a smile spread on his face.

"Ha-ha, old man

ked at him with amusement.

However, it was his turn to laugh when his body began glowing with fire.

A smile stretched on his lips as he extended his right hand.

Within seconds, the flesh on his arm began wriggling and swelling. It blew up like balloon until it was the size of a giant dragon.


In fear, the disciples yelled out and tried to scatter, pushing past each other. Austin waved his arm so it resembled a wagging dragon tail.

Several of the disciples pulled out blades and hammers but they did nothing to Austin's arm.

Austin pulled it back and swept his arm over a dozen of the nearest disciples. Screams echoed and soon, all that was left was puffs of blood shimmering in the air.


You have managed to develop the Omnipotent Bodily Skill?

That must mean you found the golden body fruits!"

Shock was written all over Elder Cowell's face as he stared at Austin.

"Yes, I did get the golden body fruits. Actually, you just reminded me that I should thank you for helping me. I wouldn't have had a chance if you hadn't help distract the black-scaled camel.

So thank you, Elder Cowell."

Austin burst into laughter, clutching his abdomen.

"Damn it! You little bastard!

We risked our lives and fought to the death against that camel. That's how I got so badly injured. And after all that…we gave you a chance to steal the fruits!


You little bastard, go to hell!

Hand over the golden body fruits right now!"

Although his threats were heavy, Austin continued to giggle. The old man couldn't even move from where he sat.

"Ha-ha. Come and get it if you want it so bad,"

Austin shot back, smiling deviously.

"Go to hell!"

Regardless of his injuries, Elder Cowell activated his terrifying vital energy force. Dazzling runes that resembled a long river rushed towards Austin.

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