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   Chapter 1887 The Breakthrough (Part Two)

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Any of these items would cause a war between the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm if they had made it into the outside world.

He could only imagine the jealousy people would feel knowing that he had all kinds of invaluable treasures melted in one pot. It was so beautiful that it could not be described in words.

As the liquid burned into his skin, Austin winced. The Unearthly Fire had to be burning his flesh, bones, organs, and blood.

It felt like he was being cooked in an oven.

The Pot of Chaos was like a furnace. Austin's body was like a magic treasure being cast. He had dipped himself in and now he was being burned and shaped like fine steel.

While his body was calcined by the Unearthly Fire, Austin was absorbing the essence of the treasures into his bloodstream.

His physical quality and physical strength kept improving. It was like there was a beast inside of him, fighting to burst out and wreak havoc.

He sat in the pot for a day while he was burned and strengthened.


The lid on the Pot of Chaos popped open and a figure glowing with white light slowly rose and looked around him.

Although he didn't look like himself, the figure was Austin.

It looked like he had been reborn. His skin was bright and flawless like a newborn baby or perhaps an angel.

When he blinked, however, he was scared for a moment. A flash of light had appeared around his body. To test it out, he blinked again. The strong aura appeared brighter than the first time.

Quiet as crouching dragons and moving like deities, Austin oozed a strong and mysterious aura that was growing stronger and stronger, making him look more powerful.

"I have finally complet

on his chest.

The dagger should have plunged right through him but there wasn't a drop of blood.

Austin jumped up and threw his hands in the air in celebration. The smile on his face couldn't grow any larger without splitting his cheeks.

He knew that the Unrivaled Black Dagger was a high-grade magic treasure, and now even it could not hurt Austin.

He ran his hands over his chest and arms but his skin still felt like normal skin.

Finally, he had seen with his own eyes that a human body could be transformed into a great weapon.

"The Immortal Body Refining Formula is amazing,"

Austin gushed, picking up his dagger.

As he stood straight again, confidence like he had never felt before rushed through him.

'If I get a chance, I will do it again. If I cultivate my body like this a few more times, I will develop my powerful Omnipotent Bodily Skill fully!'

Austin thought.

Like any other skill, it would take time and practice to fully master the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

Austin would have to search for more treasures, and eventually, his body would become stronger than ever before.

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