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   Chapter 1886 The Breakthrough (Part One)

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Austin's eyes grew ten times larger as he looked at the middle-aged man's treasures. Almost like it was a dream, he reached out his hand and touched it. Momentarily, he wished he could located more cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm; that way, he could be even richer.

He gathered the fortunes and split them up with Isis so he could thank her for her help collecting them. A smile grew on her face when he provided her with three semi-omnipotent herbs. Who would've thought of that? It was the semi-omnipotent herb, which would drive every cultivator from the Divine Continent crazy at the mere sight of it! Now she was holding three of them! How lucky she was!

"I plan to cultivate in seclusion under the ground for a while. I don't know how long it will take me. What about you? Do you have any plans? Or is there any place you want to go?"

Austin said to Isis.

"Thanks for asking, but I think I'll just wait for you."

Given the choice, Isis would prefer to wait for days than to venture into the unknown alone. After all, she was still the target of attack.

On their journey so far, she had seen how dangerous the vast bloody desert was. The terrain was confusing and there were beasts and other cultivators that wouldn't hesitate to hurt or kill her. Being with Austin kept her safe and she wasn't about to leave without him.

Nodding, Austin pocketed the rest of his fortune and sent Isis into the Slave Tower to wait for him. Nothing could touch her there, so he knew he wouldn't have to worry about her while he was cultivating. Turning around, he lifted his fists and punched the ground a few times, resulting in a crack that was a few hundred meters wide.

Austin jumped down to the bottom of the crack and as he looke

four Unearthly Fires rushed into the Pot of Chaos. Out of the top of it, four fires blazed. Each one was a different color that twisted and licked into a rainbow that reached the celling.

Austin grabbed one item at a time and finally threw all of them into the Pot of Chaos. Every time, he had to step backwards to avoid the heat from the Unearthly Fire as it burped out more flames and engulfed each item.

At last, all the items had been added to the fire and Austin could step into the Pot of Chaos and start refining himself.

Austin engraved complicated and mysterious runes on every inch of his body. Then he scooped up the liquid the fire had made from his items and rubbed it on his body. Once he was covered, he stepped into the middle of the flames of the Unearthly Fire.

Everything around him became a part of him. As it combined, he listed off the ingredients in his head: semi-omnipotent herbs, thousands of superior herbs above the sixth grade, the heavenly fire bamboos, the fish with primordial masculine energy and the fish with primordial feminine energy, three beast corpses from ancient time, and a two-meter-high golden body fruit tree.

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