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   Chapter 1885 Kill A Master At The Heavenly Grotto Realm

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After getting the golden body fruits, Austin thought it was best to find a silent place. A place where he could conceal himself and complete the last refining part of the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

The horrible physical strength of the black-scaled camel had left a great impact on Austin.

It could compete or even defeat the four masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm by its strong body. Austin was surprised at its power. At the same time he admired it too.

It seemed like one could also achieve amazing progress in body refining. Especially if he developed his physical power, his combat effectiveness would soar. And that was enough to crush the vital energy of the refining cultivators at the same level.

So, Austin took Isis to stroll around the bloody desert. He kept looking around to search for a safe place to cultivate in seclusion.

They wandered for a long time, but did not find any satisfactory place which could be regarded as secret.

The topography of the vast bloody desert was almost identical everywhere. The expanse of bloody sand and dust seemed to be boundless.

When they were passing through a sand dune, there was a sudden change in Austin's expression.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin found a limp figure sitting with his legs crossed on the back of the dune.

"It's him!"

Austin told Isis, totally surprised.

In fact, the figure behind the dune was one of the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm who had attacked the black-scaled camel. He was the one who covered his body with black light.

This person was among those men who were chasing the people away from the Moon Palace.

Austin had never expected to find him, when he was hiding behind a dune to heal himself.

"It looks like he is badly hurt,"

Austin released his spiritual sense again to assess the figure behind the dune carefully. Then he sent this message to Isis by spiritual sense.

"Yes. Among the four masters who fought with the black-scaled camel, he is the one who is severely injured."

Isis nodded to show his agreement.

"Huh! You two idiots, quickly hand over all of your things, and get out of here before I change my mind!

Otherwise, I will kill you.

Do as I say. Don't think you will be lucky enough to escape from me. You are nothing compared to me!"

Suddenly, a cold and firm voice came from behind the dune.

Austin and Isis realized that the man had discovered their presence. After all, as a Heavenly Grotto Realm master, he had a much stronger spiritual sense than them.

"Sir, I guess you are badly hurt and can't even move now.

Otherwise, you would have already taken action against us, instead of merely threatening us.

I know you came here to hunt for the female disciple of the Moon Palace who is standing next to me. But now you're actually asking her to leave.

This shows that you are really seriously injured,"

Austin said with a chuckle, while his eyes were flicke

e of runes.

The middle-aged man suffered a great loss being under the collaborative attack of Austin and Isis. He kept spitting blood and gradually turned weaker.

"I will not give up!"

He looked up at his opponents and shouted angrily. 'If it wasn't for the fight with that black-scaled camel, I wouldn't have been so weak to face these two persons, who are at the Minor-perfection Realm.'

"Fine! Then take what you deserve!

You shouldn't have been chasing and trying to kill others in the first place!"

Austin said in a cold voice.

Finally, the middle-aged man was exhausted. This meant that he had used up his vital energy. Even the runes that were emitted from the treasured wheel above his head became weaker.


The sea water fell on his body.


the middle-aged man screamed and he kept rolling on the sand.

Austin gestured and conveyed to Isis to step back.

The man would surely die after he was drowned in the poisonous sea water.

"I recognize you. You're a steward of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect.

Turned out it's the Heavenly Mysterious Sect that's after our Moon Palace,"

Isis suddenly started shouting at the middle-aged man who was screaming.

Strangely, the middle-aged man did not answer at all. Hardly a few seconds had passed. So he had turned into a corpse, motionless.

He was already seriously injured and almost dying. But now he died in the sea water of the Immortal Burial Sea.

Austin waved his sleeve and got hold of the man's Space Ring. He couldn't let go of any such an opportunity.

"This guy seems to have collected a lot from the Fallen Immortal World!"

Austin was pleasantly surprised to see the treasures inside the Space Ring of that middle-aged man.

In the Space Ring, there were many high-grade superior herbs, treasures, various crystals and magic treasures.

Among them, there were also thousands of superior herbs.

There were even six semi-omnipotent herbs!

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