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   Chapter 1884 We Got Them

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The four masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm stood stock still as they looked up at the black-scaled camel. Their jaws were dropped and their hands were hanging loosely at their sides. This beast was advanced, even for them, so they slowly and carefully used their bodily movement skills to try and escape in one piece; antagonizing the camel would be a grave mistake.


Panicked, they began to fly faster through the air. The black-scaled camel thought that it could catch them and leaped into the air, swinging its two fists. After a couple unsuccessful minutes, the camel realized it couldn't hurt the four masters and huffed loudly through its nose. Its eyes narrowed as it landed back on the ground again.

It raised its head and opened its mouth, letting out a long roar. Immediately, the four masters stopped and looked back at it. The black light surrounding it became lighter and the camel grew even larger.

Staring at the ground and concentrating harder, the camel forced dark purple blood mist to gush from every pore in its body. The mist settled on it as a layer of purple armor. The camel glowed brighter before it soared into the sky.

"Oh no! This is awful! The beast has cultivated a secret method that can make it more ferocious by burning the blood essence. It has increased its fighting power again,"

exclaimed the middle-aged man in a silver robe. He couldn't take his eyes off of the camel as it landed back on the ground with a horrendous thump.

The four masters looked at the camel and then into the distance behind them. It would be easy to run but the black-scaled camel was too dangerous and powerful and it would catch them before they could make it very far. They had no choice but to stay and try to fight even though they were trembling with fear.

"I think we should try our luck and hide," one of the other masters suggested.

A few meters away, hidden behind a tree, Austin gasped and ducked. He had spent so long looking out at the masters and the black-scaled camel that the camel may have noticed his presence. He looked at Iris with fear in his eyes and lifted his finger to shush her.

Without hesitation, he pulled Isis into the void again.

He sighed in relief. They were safe for now, even from the masters who had already seen Austin and Isis. They were too consumed with fighting the camel to worry about the two of them.

Besides, the power of Austin and Isis was only at the Minor-perfection Realm. In the eyes of these masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, they were meaningless and they couldn't win a fight against them if they tried.


The four masters gave up trying to hide or fight and began running. The black-scaled camel let out an angry cry a


Howl! The sound of the roar was so far away that they could barely hear it over the sound of their feet slapping on the cave floor.

When they reached the entrance of the cave, a tall figure charged at them from the horizon. Bright, black light emanated from it and filled the sky.

As it got closer, they realized it was the black-scaled camel. Unfortunately, it had left something behind in the stone cave to guard the tree and as soon as Austin and Isis had entered the cave, it felt their presence and turned back immediately.


The camel began charging faster. It spread out and covered nearly the entire sky above their heads.

Before either of them could move, an aura locked them together.

Austin tried to move but he couldn't break through it. Looking up at the camel, he frowned.

After watching the four Heavenly Grotto Realm masters fight with the beast, he knew even they couldn't escape using their bodily movement skills.

The two of them weren't at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, so obviously they wouldn't stand the slightest chance.

Without any hesitation, Austin took Isis's hand, and entered the chaotic void.

Howl! Howl!

The camel cried out until they couldn't hear it anymore. It didn't know where they had went or how to get into the void.

Just by the sound of its howls, Austin could imagine how furious it felt.

Austin and Isis passed through space dozens of times and escaped into the distance.

They flew for hours, until they were nearly dizzy.

Eventually, they fell from the chaotic void dozens of kilometers away.

"Is the beast still chasing us? No?"

Austin looked into the direction where the black-scaled camel had been and breathed with relief.

"This is great! We actually got the legendary golden body fruits!"

Isis said excitedly.

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