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   Chapter 1883 The Omnipotent Bodily Skill

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The menacing figure was indeed the black-scaled camel that guarded the golden body fruits in the stone cave.

The four masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm rushed into the cave right away wanting to kill it. Both sides were soon engaged in a battle of fierce proportions.

But neither side was prepared to yield in defeat easily, hence a speedy end to the battle seemed unlikely.

The black-scaled camel howled in a shrill voice.

In the very next moment, it roared into the sky with a dazzling black light bursting out from its body. A stream of strong physical strength was released into the atmosphere. It took over the landscape like a storm and shook the space around it.

The physical strength of the black-scaled camel had reached an incredible level. It looked as though the physical energy contained within it had reached beyond the threshold level, causing numerous mysterious runes to grow from its flesh and blood.

Austin and Isis retreated to a safe distance and were floating mid-air thousands of meters away. Yet they felt the great pressure building around them. They began to feel the mild sensation of being suffocated.


After releasing another howl, the black-scaled camel reached out its right claw suddenly. Within an instant it had grown exponentially and turned into a giant claw. The blue veins protruded from the tips of its claw and ran along the length of its limbs. The blood running through its veins and the flesh under its skin became very clear.

The claw swept towards Elder Cowell who was in the midair nearby.

The huge claw was thundering with energy and an indistinguishable roar of a wild beast was emanating from it

Austin could see clearly that the giant claw did not contain demonic aura or even vital energy, but in fact it was condensed by its pure physical power.

"Is this the Omnipotent Bodily Skill?"

Austin asked curiously.

Could it be that when a cultivator's body was powerful beyond a certain extent, he would be able to develop the Omnipotent Bodily Skill and use his physical body freely like the way of applying martial arts fueled by vital energy?

Austin felt both shock and excitement cruise through his mind.

After all, Austin specialized in body-refining.

If he continued to be on this path, one day he might be able to achieve the same Omnipotent Bodily Skill as the black-scaled camel.

At that point, with the Omnipotent Bodily Skill, he wouldn't need to use vital energy force to create all the different kinds o

ew a punch, instantly attacking the figure covered in the black light.

"Ah!" screamed the black figure feebly.

He retreated instantly and let out a miserable scream. Blood splattered and his bloody arm was instantly crushed to pieces.

The cultivator was frightened out of his wits. He stepped back as swiftly as he could.

However, the black-scaled camel seemed to have fixed its eyes on him. It jumped in the air and caught up with him in an instant.


That cultivator who had been covered by the black light was hit again. He was flung into the air.

However, at the same time, an extremely sharp blade radiance slashed at the back of the black-scaled camel, tearing its body open. Its blood spurted out and sprayed all over the sky.


At this point, the black-scaled camel was completely infuriated!

It began to pull itself together. Its eyes burnt red with anger.

It swung its fists, which were as big as a millstone and kept punching towards anything in its vicinity.

Suddenly, the four cultivators of the Heavenly Grotto Realm felt overwhelmed.

Because the body of this black-scaled camel was too tough.

Even though they hit it on the body, it only suffered some minor flesh wound. Killing it all at once was proving to be very difficult.

The attacks from the black-scaled camel were very brutal. If any of them were hit, they would be seriously injured.

Thus, when the black-scaled camel was fighting, the four warriors at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were a little scared.

"Don't worry and let's take our time. We will wear it down.

Let's retreat while fighting. Don't fight it head on,"

shouted Elder Cowell.

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