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   Chapter 1881 Fierce Battle

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Austin waved his hand, and released the five sword aura beams, which he used to fight off the disciples of the Unworldly Sect who had tried to attack Isis.


Perhaps it'd be better if we kill the enemy first," Austin suggested through his spiritual sense.

'Has she recognized me?'

Austin wondered when he noticed that Isis was staring continuously at his demonic avatar; her gaze would also shift towards him from time to time and there was confusion on her face.

'That's not completely impossible. Women do have stronger intuition than men and are more observant.'

However, there was a more important matter to deal with right now. Isis immediately came to herself upon hearing what he said and made her move as well.

Waves of a crystal clear vital energy force began to erupt from her body continuously and spread out. Simultaneously, a bright moon rushed out too and started to revolve around her at a fast pace.

With those two moves, she began to employ all kinds of powerful martial arts skills to attack the opponents from the Unworldly Sect.

'Wow! Looks like that she has made astonishing progress in her cultivation over the years. The Moon Palace must have been really helpful to her.

Although she is only at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, she can still fight against these Major-perfection Realm cultivators.'

Austin was inwardly marveling at the fighting skills that Isis was displaying. Every single move she had made till now was awe-inspiring.

The moon she had released from her body was radiating beams of sparkling moonlight as it continued to whirl and unleash a strong power.

Meanwhile, the space behind her had been filled with twinkling stars. From what he had been able to gather till now, these twinkling stars were being displayed by using the abnormal vision of an ancient scripture that the Moon Palace owned.

The shining stars rushed out from behind, enlarged infinitely and turned into horrifying meteorites. They then spread in all directions with great destructive force and attacked the disciples of the Unworldly Sect.

Isis had been chosen as the next Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace, so she had practiced some of the most powerful cultivation methods and martial arts skills known to her sect. This had allowed her to become extremely powerful.

Austin and Isis's combined attacks on his crew and their show of immense strength immediately sent the young master of the Unworldly Sect into a rage.

"You stupid weaklings!" he snorted with a livid face, though his voice was cold.

From his body erupted several beams of radiant light, and within them, runes could be seen that surrounded him.

At the same time, Austin's Unrivaled Black Dagger reached him.

A metallic throng was heard and the dagger

ed his hands swiftly and made some gestures, much like he was performing a mysterious formula. Instantly, the runes in front of him morphed into an ancient silver seal that began to make strange sounds.

Although the seal was not very large in diameter, Austin could feel that it contained great power within it.

Before he had time to marvel, it charged towards him, and the pattern on it began to shimmer.

'Damn it! Anyway, no matter how powerful the martial arts skill he is exhibiting, there is no way he can break the Pot of Chaos!' Austin decided.

He held up the pot in the air, with his clothes fluttering in the wind and ran towards the seal. At that moment, a feeling of invincibility had fallen on him just because he had the pot.

Austin used his the Spiritual Pot to break into the young man's Soul Sea.


Simultaneously, with a flash of black light, the Unrivaled Black Dagger shot towards the young man once again.

As it was traversing the void, the Pot of Chaos and the ancient seal bumped into each other, producing thousands of streaks of colorful light.

The sound which came from the collision was a clear ringing sound, like two copper millstones had collided with each other.

The young man was forced to retreat two steps backward.

He had finally realized that the herbal pot in Austin's hand was so strong and powerful that it could bear any kind of attack he could launch.

"Huh! I have some magic treasures too."

The young man's face darkened.

He was at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm, while his opponent was only at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm. He simply couldn't stand the thought of being unable to defeat his opponent.

The young man stretched out his hand and an ancient seal appeared in his hand once again. This time, it was shining with various silver runes.

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