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   Chapter 1880 Could It Be Him

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"Are you afraid of provoking the Unworldly Sect? If that is the case, you can hide yourself and let me deal with it,"

Austin said.

"Humph! That old bastard from the Unworldly Sect wanted to kill me and even tried to steal my things. The young master of the Unworldly Sect also harbored malicious intentions against me. Why should I hide from them?

Come on! I will go with you!"

Isis was a strong-minded person, and she did not get scared easily.

While at the Prime Martial World, they knew her as the Magic Harp Player in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, which intimidated many people.

When Austin asked if she wanted to fight with him, her eyes glistened and reflected her murderous thoughts.

Side by side, they moved forward. Full of confidence they stopped at the front of the cultivators of the Unworldly Sect.

"Well, you have some balls. You dare to come back and even show up in front of me,"

the young master of the Unworldly Sect said. His eyes lit up as he saw Isis walking towards him.

The other members of the Unworldly Sect gathered and surrounded Austin and Isis.

The young master of the Unworldly Sect possessed an extraordinary appearance. His deep-set eyes reflected every smile and turned into burning red when he was mad. He was tall and slender, bewitching in every way.

He was one of the most famous young talents in the Middle Pilgrim Land. He was also the youngest son of the current sect leader of the Unworldly Sec. Spoiled as a child, he was raised with so much love and affection. Because of this, he grew up arrogant and self-centered.

Now, he was face to face with a beautiful creation. He looked at her from head to toe as if memorizing every curve of her sensual body. Her face was angelic, and her body was statuesque and well-proportioned. He continued to gaze on her, unmindful of the deadly look on her face.

Isis's face was expressionless, but her eyes were filled with rage and murderous intent.

"Ha-ha! I have never thought I would have another chance to stare at your beautiful face, but you came to me on your own.

Don't worry. I will be very gentle with you. I have been with lots of women, but none is as beautiful as you.

You will be one of my favorite concubines in the future."

That young master smiled maliciously then winked at Isis.

"You are about to die, yet your mind still think about such lewd things. I don't know what to say about that."

Austin shook his

ger than they had imagined.


Austin's demonic avatar appeared without warning, surrounded by a thick demonic energy. And it was giving out a strong demonic aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The demonic avatar rushed towards the people of the Unworldly Sect.

Austin's eyes remained fixed on the young master of the Unworldly Sect. With a wave of his hand, a black light glimmered, which then disappeared into the sky. Beams of lights soon appeared on the horizon as flickers of light showered down into the ground.

Isis stood there motionless as if in a trance.

The scene filled her beautiful eyes with disbelief.

Her heart was beating so fast that she had to cover her chest with her hands to keep it from bursting.

'Demonic avatar! He has the demonic avatar!

The demonic avatar look exactly like the one that man has.

Is it even possible?

Is it really him? No way! That is not even possible!'

Isis tried to hold herself together. There was so much going on in her mind.

No one knew that the real reason she came to the Divine Continent from the Prime Martial World was to follow this same man.

It was then that she met an elder traveling outside, and she was then taken in as a disciple of the Moon Palace.

The figure of that man had never disappeared from her heart.

"No wonder I feel familiar with him all this time.

Could it be really him?"

Isis was blown away. She looked at the demonic avatar and then at Austin.

Even as several disciples of the Unworldly Sect rushed to her side, she did not act in response. She just stood there, her eyes fixed on Austin and the demonic avatar.

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