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   Chapter 1878 Chased By Elder Cowell

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"Shame on you, old bastard! You are an elder of a big sect from the Middle Pilgrim Land, but you want to rob younger cultivators of their treasures with some seemingly cogent reasons.

Damn it! I am telling you, the moment I get the chance, I will kill you!"

Austin suddenly shouted at Elder Cowell furiously while he was looking askance at the latter in order to provoke him on purpose.

"Go to hell!"

Elder Cowell spoke out the words coldly. Then he stretched out his hand, which was sparkling like a lustrous piece of jade, and tried to grab Austin.

However, he chose not to exert too much strength. After all, he already displayed the law power in order to suppress the bodies of the two people earlier. Now, he was merely carrying out a casual palm attack at them, thinking that it would suffice.

Austin, on the other hand, made the Pot of Chaos rush out using his mind, and once the pot was open opened and put aside, the dark water inside it immediately burst out and rushed towards the people of the Unworldly Sect.

"Watch out!"

Elder Cowell was absolutely shocked. However, with a wave of his sleeve, he was still able to transport all of the people of the Unworldly Sect to keep them from being hit.

Now, it was Austin's turn to feel shocked. He did not expect that Elder Cowell would be so strong that he could save all of his companions in just a blink of an eye.

"Let's go!"

Austin said to Isis.

The Pot of Chaos shook and shattered the law power that Elder Cowell had just released.

With that, the two regained their freedom. There was no time for them to waste. The moment Elder Cowell brought his group backwards, the two of them immediately rushed out at a lightning-fast speed.

Both of them tried their best to escape as far as they possibly could.

They had just gotten a glimpse of the magnitude of Elder Cowell's strength, and it was really terrifying. Thus, at that moment, it became clear to them that in a fight against Cowell, they had absolutely no chances of winning. In fact, they were quite sure that they would lose in just a matter of seconds.

"You want to leave? No way!"

With a sullen face, Elder Cowell waved his sleeves and almost closed the distance between them with just once stride. Fast as he was himself, Austin couldn't help but feel astonished by Cowell's speed.

As he was chasing Austin, Cowell suddenly reached out a hand and clenched his fist.

In a flash, Austin and Isis sudd

someone would actually be able to run away from the elder.

"I have a feeling that the cave is dangerous. Don't follow me inside.

I'm going to get the golden body fruits. Wait for me outside!"

said Elder Cowell after he sensed a threat lurking in the cave with his powerful spiritual sense.

He moved his body at once and rushed into the cave emitting a brilliant red light.

Bing! Bang! Boom!

Pretty soon, the cave was filled with the violent sound of fighting as the entire towering cliff started shaking.

The battle lasted for dozens of seconds. Then, a figure suddenly rushed out. It was Elder Cowell.

His face looked ghastly pale, and his entire appearance was a mess. His clothes had been torn in various places, and a shocking scratching was etched on his right arm. It was bleeding.

"What happened, Uncle Cowell?"

the young master of the Unworldly Sect asked in shock.

"There is a very mighty black-scaled camel in the cave. I failed to pay it attention for a moment, and I was hit once by it,"

Elder Cowell said. He immediately took out a superior healing herb and applied it to the wound to stanch the flow of blood at once.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, three figures appeared in the blood-red desert in the distance. In just a few seconds, they arrived at a spot near the stone cliff.

All three of them were cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

They were a middle-aged man in a silver robe, a man shrouded in bright runes, and a man covered by black light.

They were the three men who had been chasing the people of the Moon Palace on the edge of the blood-red desert earlier.

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