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   Chapter 1877 Bullying The Weak

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"Moreover, all parts of the golden body fruit tree are precious. Although the most precious part is the fruit, even the leaves, branches, trunk, and roots are also good for body refining," continued Isis.

"Do you remember those black-scaled camels we have met before? They had terrible physical strength. I guess they often eat the leaves and branches of the golden body fruit tree, and that's why they become very strong."

Austin contemplated on the things that Isis had said.

He thought she had a point.

"Well, I guess you're right," said Austin with a nod.

He remembered that when he saw the tree in the stone hall, there were indeed many leaves plucked.

The black-scaled camel might have been eating those leaves.

Those were for body refining!

Thinking about it, Austin couldn't help but feel very excited.

"If I add the golden body fruits when practicing the Immortal Body Refining Formula, I think the effect will be amazing!"

After all, the Immortal Body Refining Formula was a very brilliant body cultivation method and the golden body fruit was an magical fruit for body refining.

If they would be combined, their outcome would be incredible.

But the black-scaled camel that was guarding the stone cave was too powerful.

Austin knew very well that he was no match for it at all.

"I feel very sad. I know it's such a precious treasure but I don't have the ability to obtain it."

Austin shook his head.

"That black-scaled camel is horrible. We can never take the golden body fruits away from its hands," said Isis with a sigh.

She also shook her head in dismay.

Even she had also been longing for the golden body fruit for a long time.

For what reason?

Well, anyone who would eat the golden body fruit would definitely have an incredible physical strength. Someone with this kind of physical strength was considered basically invincible.

It was too tempting, wasn't it?

Anyone would definitely want to have it.

"Ha-ha! It must be here," said someone from a distance.

Austin and Isis heard an excited laughter.

Before they could react, a figure had come down from the sky and appeared near them.

He was a middle-aged man in purple who was a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Austin and Isis became alert.

This middle-aged man surely had such a horrible bodily movement skill because he was able to come here without anyone noticing it.

Even Austin and Isis didn't discern hi

Elder Cowell could be this terrifying.

Elder Cowell was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm but he was much stronger than those reclusive elders from the holy lands of the East Mainland.

It was really true that even the elders were all at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, their powers and combat skills could still differ from each other.

"Elder Cowell, please stop this. I'm telling you, I really don't have any precious treasures," pleaded Isis.

"Besides, our Moon Palace and the Unworldly Sect have always been in a good relationship. Please don't embarrass me. Master Miriam has also entered the Fallen Immortal World. If she knows about this, I'm afraid she will not be happy about this."

Isis tried her best to change Elder Cowell's mind and release them.

She even mentioned Miriam's name hoping that it could have an effect to the elder.

"Ha ha! How dare you threaten me with that old crazy bat from the Moon Palace," countered Elder Cowell. Unfortunately, he wasn't threatened at all.

"In that case, I will never give you a chance to see that old bitch again."

Elder Cowell revealed a ferocious face and completely tore off his disguise.

"Ha ha! Uncle Cowell, this bitch is good-looking. Don't kill her just yet. Let's just take her and let me play with her for a while first. After that, I will be the one to take her life," said the young man.

He stared at Isis with obscenity in his eyes.

"Okay, whatever makes you happy," replied Elder Cowell with a smile.

His voice was so gentle towards the young man.

"Get ready to run away!"

Isis suddenly heard the voice from Austin's through spiritual sense.

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