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   Chapter 1876 The Golden Body Fruit

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Austin was shocked by that thunderous roar that he almost lost his balance.

If the living creature in this stone cave hadn't practiced some powerful sound wave martial arts skill, he must have reached a horribly high level.

Austin immediately grew more cautious and curious at the same time.

He wasn't as bold now as when he was slaughtering those black-scaled camels.

Summoning up his courage, he took the Pot of Chaos out then filled it with the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea. With that, he continued to saunter into the cave.


Suddenly, a fierce roar sounded again. From the depths of the stone cave, a red light burst out, and a bloody giant hand––almost filling the entire space inside the cave––popped out and tried to grab Austin.

The latter couldn't help but feel his hair standing on end as he sensed the terrifying power contained in that gigantic hand.

Suddenly, Austin felt no confidence to resist.

At the thought of this, he summoned and unleashed the Pot of Chaos. The seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea was poured on the giant red hand while the pot smashed at the giant hand.


The enormous red hand trembled violently, and a terrible power burst out, continuously shaking off the seawater.

At the same time, the Pot of Chaos left a hole where it smashed, and blood splashed like a fountain from it.

Howl! …

A more furious roar came from inside the stone cave, shaking it violently. Countless sand and stones dropped as the entire cave seemed about to collapse.


The injured red giant hand continued to attack Austin without stopping.

Shocked, Austin had to use his bodily movement skill to rush out of the cave.

The palm was so powerful that it was only slightly injured after being hit by both the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea and the Pot of Chaos.

In fact, the seawater and the Pot of Chaos were already very powerful even when used against warriors at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

The more Austin thought about it, the more shocked he was.

Frightened and still surprised, Austin dared not to stop until he was a few kilometers away from the cave.

Luckily, the red hand stopped at the entrance and recoiled back inside.

"What a pity! I can feel that there are some extremely valuable treasures in that cave,"

the gnome sighed.

"There is an ominous creature in the cave, and I'm no match for it."

It was a great pity that Austin c

caled camel seemed to be protecting the golden body fruits; otherwise, it would have already come out and hunt them down.

"What are the golden body fruits?"

Austin asked curiously.

"I have once seen the records of the golden body fruits in an ancient book of our Moon Palace.

It is a kind of rare and precious fruit from ancient times.

It takes ten thousand years to bloom, ten thousand years to bear fruits, and another ten thousand years to ripen. So it would take a total of thirty thousand years to fully cultivate one.

This kind of fruit is rare throughout the world. It is a real treasure from heaven and earth, but they have long been extinct in the Divine Continent.

It was said that if a warrior was lucky enough to get the golden body fruits, it could facilitate the improvement of his or her body. What's more, he or she could even acquire the Omnipotent Bodily Skill by taking the fruits.

Generally speaking, the process of body refining will be challenging in its late stages.

This is because the human body is inherently very fragile. It is difficult to cultivate the body to the extreme and certainly not to the level of the warriors who cultivate vital energy.

But there are some rare treasures from heaven and earth which can break the innate shackles and improve the human body to a full extent. More than this, the human body can even become immortal!"

Isis informed.

Austin's eyes slowly widened upon hearing her. 'Omnipotent Bodily Skill?

Immortal body? Woah! Is that really possible?'

Austin couldn't help but bask in the thought of having an immortal body that couldn't be killed.

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