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   Chapter 1875 The Lair

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After transferring Isis into the City model, Austin moved right away.

He delivered a punch, using merely his physical strength.


With a violent shake, Austin's arm collided with the black-scaled camel's pair of forelimbs. Because of the impact, a strong wind began to billow, shaking the surrounding space.

This was a dead heat!

Austin had also adjusted his body to its most powerful state. His hair flapped with the wind, and his eyes were extremely bloodshot while intense energy surrounded his body.


The black-scaled camel also roared to the sky, staring at Austin with its bloodthirsty scarlet eyes.

The short human in front of it was no less powerful than it in physical strength.

The next moment, black clouds enveloped the sky as another dozen of black-scaled camels arrived. It was a bloody battle amongst them, with each camel trying their best to kill Austin.

"Okay, let me see how long my physical strength can last!"

Austin was not afraid at all. Instead, he was full of fighting spirit. His blood and vital energy were like dragons whose murderous will filled the air. With his confident stance, he even looked like a god of war.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin used his bodily movement skill, constantly dodging and taking the initiative to fight with these dozens of black-scaled camels.

The whole sand land was sent in ultimate chaos, with specks of dust scattering everywhere as the ground and air quivered.

The whole battlefield was engulfed by the blood-red sand as a sand storm rose in the sky.

It was nearly impossible for just a single warrior to fight dozens of black-scaled camels at the same time. Even a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm would have to frown and choose to retreat.

It was absolutely a nightmare for the cultivators at the Minor-perfection Realm or the Major-perfection Realm to even come face to face with such numbers. They would not win the fight no matter what––it was just impossible!

Several hours later, Austin was beginning to be in a dangerous situation.

Because he'd been fighting by sheer physical force, Austin felt exhausted as his blood rolled up. It was hard for him to resist the blow, no matter how fast he was. There were just too many

nsed the movements of these black-scaled camels all the way here, he wouldn't have found those stone holes.

Unless he used his spiritual sense force to probe it carefully, Austin might not discover those holes.

Suddenly, he found that a bright blood light was shooting out from one of those stone holes as if the cave contained endless energy. It seemed extraordinary just by looking at it from the outside.

'What exactly is in that cave?'

Austin thought to himself as he looked at the stone hole filled with immense blood-red mist.

"Boy, there must be something precious and unimaginable inside that stone cave!"

The gnome's voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea out of the blue, its tone trembling with excitement.

Because of this, Austin became more interested.

It was evident that something in the cave could be extraordinary and precious.

Then, using his spiritual sense, Austin tried to explore the cave and probe it deeper.

However, just as he had started sensing the entrance, a powerful, mysterious force blocked his spiritual sense, denying him any access to whatever was inside.

"Get in and have a look!"

Austin jumped into the air and darted towards the stone cave.


The moment he stepped by the entrance, a furious roar thundered.

A blast of thunderous sound wave rushed out of the cave, emitting a terrifying power within.

Because of the horrid sound waves, Austin's body suddenly wobbled, not even letting him normally stand on his feet.

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