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   Chapter 1874 The Joy Of Being Protected

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One of them was Austin, while the other was the demonic avatar.

At that very moment, the Pot of Chaos rushed out of Austin's body and quickly grew in size, turning into a huge pot. It drifted in midair for a few minutes as if trying to gain strength then plummeted into the ground with so much force. Its weight was beyond belief and it went straight to the forces pursuing Austin.

Austin and the demonic avatar then unleashed their full strength and moved at extreme speed.

The people who were chasing them were doused with seawater that came from the Immortal Burial Sea. Their bodies started to decay the moment the water touched their skin. Everyone was injured, with blood oozing out of their skins, and most lost their fighting power.

Who could even oppose the joint power of Austin and the demonic avatar?

"No! You brat!"

a cultivator at Major-perfection Realm shouted in pain before he died from his injuries.

The people who were pursuing Austin had mastered powerful formulas and martial arts skills. Some even possessed terrifying kill shots and survived a more brutal battle.

However, the power of the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea was more dominant and deadly. There was no escape from the burning pain once the water hit a person's skin.

Even a cultivator from Heavenly Grotto Realm could not resist its power, not to mention cultivators at Major-perfection Realm or Minor-perfection Realm.

Half an hour later, the fight was over. Dead bodies flooded the ground as Austin and the demonic avatar killed all the pursuing forces.

Austin then teleported Isis out of the City model.

"What! Are you kidding me?

You killed everyone?"

Isis was so shocked. She could not believe what Austin told her. Her mouth remained open as she glared at Austin with her beautiful round eyes.

It took him such a short time to kill all the cultivators at both Major-perfection Realm and Minor-perfection Realm.

It was unbelievable! Isis was in shock!

'Is this guy really just at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm? What kind of unique being is he? How could he possess so many skills and power?'

Isis even doubted Austin's real level of vital energy. For some reason, Austin must have concealed it from her.

"Is it the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea?"

Isis asked as she noticed stains of the black water on the bodies of more than a dozen corpses.

She had once watched Austin spray black water on several cultivators at Major-perfection Realm and witnessed how it seriously wounded them

Isis was both beautiful and smart. She to

atial power.

Isis's face remained pale with fright, but Austin was not scared at all.

"Don't mind me now. Let's run away separately," Isis said in a trembling voice.

By this time, dozens of black-scaled camels were almost near them. They looked more frightening up close. Isis looked pale and was trembling in fear. It was impossible for them to defeat so many black-scaled camels.

"Ha-ha! Don't worry, it's not as hopeless as you think.

I will not let them hurt you. I promise."

Austin winked then smiled at Isis.

At that moment, Isis' heart fluttered. The way Austin smiled and looked at her made her forget the surrounding danger. All of a sudden, all the fear disappeared and was replaced by an overwhelming feeling of security. She felt safe and protected.

She might be powerful, but she was also a girl who longed to be loved and protected.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Huge, ferocious figures dashed across the bloody desert.

Dozens of  black-scaled camels darted towards Austin and Isis, their black scales sparkling in the sunlight. They looked magical and frightening, just like a powerful magic treasure. The surrounding air was suddenly filled with their terrible aura.


The fastest among the black-scaled camels made it right in front of Austin in a flash. Its movements were swift and deadly. Without warning, two giant forelegs swept towards Austin's body. A violent force swept the air around them.

Then it was Austin's turn to make a move. Quickly, he teleported Isis into the City model he carried so that he could focus on the threat in front of him. Sure that Isis was now safe and sound, he directed all his power and strength to fight the terrifying creatures surrounding him.

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