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   Chapter 1873 The Black-scaled Camel

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As the creature was retreating, Austin was also forced to take a dozen steps back.

The creature and he seemed to be equally matched. Their fight had ended neither in victory nor in defeat!

"Looks like this little fella here has stronger physical power than I do!"

Austin remarked in surprise.

Across the days of his life, he had cultivated several powerful and brilliant body refining formulae, and not long ago, he had also cultivated the Immortal Body Refining Formula. With so many strong cultivation methods in his repertoire, even the physical strength of a cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm was not comparable to his.

But this creature was easily as strong as him and maybe, stronger.

"This is the legendary black-scaled camel!" Isis exclaimed.

"I thought this diabolic beast had become extinct at the Divine Continent.

Perhaps only some remote deserts still have the honor of being its home. But no one knows!"

She was almost shouting in surprise when she recognized the creature Austin was fighting.

The Moon Palace was one of the most powerful ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land and had numerous ancient and precious books in its library. As someone who liked to browse knowledge, Isis had often read those books, and her knowledge was quite profound.

The diabolic beast in front of them belonged to a species that was extremely rare in number. They only appeared in the depths of deserts with extremely harsh climate.

She hadn't even expected it to show up in this bloody desert.


While the bloody fog was filling the whole fighting area, the black-scaled camel let out a howl. The bloody fog turned a deeper shade of crimson, and endless murderous intent rushed out from the camel that was felt by everyone in the area.


The camel rushed towards Austin once again; its anterior paws were dark and its pace was powerful enough to twist the void.

It was moving extremely fast and judging by its speed, was far stronger than a common warrior at the Major-perfection Realm. In the blink of an eye, it reached behind Austin, ready to grasp Isis.

This camel had somehow sensed Austin's strength and knew that it was not much lesser than its own. Therefore, it had changed its strategy and was planning to attack Isis.

"Fuck off, you beast!"

Austin reacted as fast as he could; he raised his hand and five streaks of sword auras of various colors rushed out towards the body of the camel.

Bang! Bang! Bang

To his enormous surprise, the camel waved its claws as fast as lightning, and successfully fended off all his attacks.


have already lost our way.

Even if we want to flee, we have no idea where to escape to. We'd better kill them first. We don't want any trouble in the future, do we?"

Austin tried to reason with her.

Isis thought for a while and nodded. He was right.

More importantly, she had seen him hurt those cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm. So she had confidence that even if it looked impossible, this guy could do it.

Instantly, Austin teleported her into his City model.

Then he dived into a pile of the bloody sand beneath his feet and buried himself inside, concealing himself physically.

The Aura Disguising Skill also let him hide his spiritual trail so that his aura was also covered.

Moments later, more than a dozen figures appeared right where the duo had been standing.

"That shameless couple stayed here for a while.

Though faintly, I am detecting their traces in this area,"

a Major-perfection Realm master remarked.

"The traces are fresh. They were here just now, so they obviously mustn't have gotten far,"

said another man.

After a few seconds those people passed by a dune of blood red sand.

Suddenly, one of those masters, whose perception abilities was highly sensitive, hissed in a low voice, "Something is wrong!"


Before his friends had time to react, a sand storm appeared beside them out of the blue and a figure flashed. Dark water curtains splashed all over the sky, covering the space around the pursuing forces.


The next moment, the pursuers screamed out. Every single one of them had been more or less splashed by the water.

In no time at all, two powerful figures dived down from the sky and rushed at them like ferocious wolves and tigers.

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