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   Chapter 1872 Getting Lost

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Just as Isis was busy fussing over this strange young man's rude and infuriating behavior, a middle-aged man, clad in silver, and approaching them quickly, caught her attention. Hold on, something was wrong!

She was taken aback.

'It's a Heavenly Grotto Realm master, ' she exclaimed inwardly, recognizing the face being one of her foes.

The next moment, she immediately understood what was going on and figured out that the young man was actually trying to help her escape.

However, Austin's speed surprised her.

She could tell that he was at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, but even so, he was much faster than she would expect such a cultivator to be.

For now, however, the time wasn't right to ask questions. Isis chose to be silent and allowed the young man to take her hand and lead her into the depths of the desert.

After a while, the middle-aged man in silver was stopped by a woman at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, who was from the Moon Palace. The two sides once again engaged in a fierce battle.

The three cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were enraged to watch Isis escape and see that they could do nothing to catch her. "Go get that bitch.

She might have got that treasure," one of them shouted at the others.

Immediately, about a hundred cultivators at the Major and Minor perfection Realms began chasing after Austin and Isis.

"And no need to let that guy go. Kill him too! He should have stayed out of this in the first place," the middle-aged man in silver roared out from behind them.

He had seen how Austin had come to Isis' rescue like some freaking knight. The anger had clouded his judgment and he had immediately ordered an assassination, without stopping to consider what he might be interfering with.

On the other hand, Austin was busy trying to confuse his pursuers and leading Isis deeper into the desert. Pretty soon, he managed to outrun them and saw no one after looking back. Finally, the duo were able to slow down and get some rest.

This was possible only thanks to Austin's highly powerful bodily movement skill. Without that, they might still have been running with the cultivators hard at their tail. Or perhaps they'd be dead by now.

As for those cultivators, even though they had been chasing the duo for quite a while now, they could no longer spot even a hair of Austin or Isis. Their targets were now invisible to them. Even their spiritual senses failed to locate them.

Despite that, Austin didn't lower his guard. After stopping for a while, he grabbed her hand once again and d

urs passed and they still couldn't find a way out of the desert.

"Steward Paula had a map of this place with her. If I knew that we would get lost in here, I would have asked for a copy,"

Isis remarked, looking frustrated.

Steward Paula was one of the three women who had reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm in the Moon Palace. Austin had met her once earlier.

However, regret was the least of their problems.

No sooner had those words came out of Isis' mouth, that a blood-curdling growl was heard from a distance.

A ferocious creature appeared in the distance. It was staring at Austin and Isis with its blood-thirsty eyes.

It was humanoid in appearance, but over seven meters tall and a foul smell similar to decomposed meat spread out from him.


It suddenly rushed towards Austin at a lightning fast speed. The next instant, it halted right in front of him and extended its sharp claws, each of them at least a foot in length and similar to iron hooks.

Austin, however, stood completely still. He stretched out his right hand and clenched it into a fist, making it so tight that his knuckles turned white.

Since he had practiced the first five stages of Immortal Body Refining Formula earlier on, his body was now as hard as a powerful, high-grade magic treasure.

Before the creature could react, the collision between Austin's fist and its claws was heard.

A large bang echoed and the ground shook for a second.

The creature faltered and drew back a few steps. It then let out a pained but angry roar.

For some moments, it stayed there, its foul smell reaching their noses and its sharp eyes staring intensely at Austin. They were full of rage and a murderous will.

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