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   Chapter 1871 Let Go Of My Hand

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At that time, four or five cultivators, each at the Major-perfection Realm were approaching Isis at a rapid pace, with determination written on their faces that spelled almost certain death if she did not react. Fortunately, she did.

"You! How dare you!"

Isis shouted and made her move furiously.

Beautiful shades of light erupted from her delicate body and spread out across the entire space. It was so bright that it blotted out the ambient lighting of the place.

One of those light rays morphed into a silver plate that rushed towards the sky from her back. There was something strange about that plate. As soon as it appeared, a strong sense of pressure was felt by everyone in the vicinity.

"Premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm!"

Austin almost cried out in awe and shock when he felt the pressure of Isis's vital energy force build up and spread from her delicate body.

"How can she be so powerful!"

He muttered out in a thoughtful tone.

The last time they had encountered each other was in the Prime Martial World; and at that moment, Isis's vital energy levels were much lower than what he was witnessing right now.

In fact, there was no comparison between Isis of today and Isis of that day.

Today, her vital energy levels exceeded even his own, and

he was really surprised to see that.

The sight clearly meant that Isis had made numerous breakthroughs at a terrifying pace in the last five or six years.

His musings, however, were cut short. Boom!

The silver plate began to encircle Isis at a fast speed, successfully blocking every single attack one after the other as they appeared.

At the same time, the scene behind her turned into a vast expanse of a bright and starry night. Twinkling stars constantly rushed out of that small world she had created, morphing into huge ones as they moved forward and pounced on the four or five cultivators who were trying to approach here.

Yet Isis had one problem. Even though she was skilled and tough, she was still at a disadvantage since she was fighting against five cultivators at Major-perfection Realm simultaneously; as a result, she was getting distracted and confused.

What's worse, more and more pursuers were rushing towards her position and she was soon going to be enormously outmatched.

Those who were coming were much more powerful than the women from the Moon Palace. Even their sheer numbers would have given them an advantage.

The situation of the Moon Palace warriors was slowly deteriorating.


One of the her opponents finally found his opening and landed a hard blow that sent her flying. Isis coughed blood from her mouth and let out a c

the calm before the storm. A sense of dread ran over him and he knew that something bad was going to happen.

It turned out that a middle-aged man, clad in silver clothes was rushing towards them with a powerful sword in his hand. He was almost as fast as lightning.


Without hesitation, Austin grabbed Isis's hand and activated his bodily movement skill, instantly disappearing into the distance. Though they were moving extremely fast, Isis could still feel herself.

Unprepared, she suddenly found Austin holding her hand which made her surprised and furious.

She had originally intended to state her gratitude for saving her life, but now such an impolite thing had happened to her.

Isis flew into a rage.

At that moment, she told herself that this young man must have some malicious intent. He had saved her life just to get close to her.

But now, he had showed his true colors and grabbed her hand, evidently ready to do something improper.

Isis was innately considered a beauty, and with her outstanding temperament, she was known to be exceedingly beautiful. Hence, whether she was in the Prime Martial World or on the Divine Continent, numerous men had admired her beauty and wanted to get close to her.

But so far, she had never given any man the chance to do so.

Yet there was this guy in front of her, who had grabbed her hand the second he came close.

This was unforgivable!

"You arrogant scoundrel!

Let go of my hand right now!"

Isis shouted at Austin angrily.

A bright, silver moon dashed out of her body and began floating above her head. And then, tens of thousands of bright and radiant rays of moonlight firmly locked onto Austin.

If Austin hadn't saved her life just now, she wouldn't have hesitated to kill him.

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