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   Chapter 1870 Isis' Crisis

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A cultivator who was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm stood on top of the saber, which was about a thousand feet high. The corner of his silver robe was dancing with the strong wind. He exuded an awe-inspiring aura that made him look mighty and brave akin to God descending from heaven.

"We have avoided you time and again, but since you still want to fight with us, then you leave us with no choice but to retaliate!" a middle-aged woman of the Moon Palace screamed.

She had the strength of the Heavenly Grotto Realm. Her face was full of rage when she rushed into the sky.

A brilliant light shone behind her head and a bright moon started to rise slowly.

Somehow, she created the scene of the sky full of stars behind her.

'Not bad! The strength of the Moon Palace's master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm is not weak at all!'

Austin thought as he looked at the scene.

He was quite familiar with the Moon Palace in the Middle Pilgrim Land. They were known for their long history and powerful strength.

The sect was mostly composed of women.

"Humph! Reveal yourself! You don't have to hide your true face. How can you be considered as a hero if you are trying to hide your real identity!"

the woman at the Heavenly Grotto Realm who was floating in the air shouted coldly.

'Hide his true face? What does she mean?' Austin was taken aback.

He suddenly became curious and immediately looked at the face of the middle-aged man in a silver robe.

The woman from the Moon Palace was correct. Austin saw that the middle-aged man was wearing a human skin mask that concealed his true identity.

He also believed that the aura of the man's spiritual soul was probably not real.

"Ha-ha! Stop the nonsense! I'm not here to be a hero. Why don't you hand over that treasure to me so that I won't make things difficult for you?

Or else, I will have to kill you all.

It will be quite heartbreaking if I kill so many beautiful girls. So please don't force me to fight you!"

the middle-aged man said mockingly.

"Humph! You shameless bastard! You think too highly of yourself. Do you really think you can do anything to us?

How dare you look down on our Moon Palace? Do you really think that we do not have any strong warriors?

Since you asked for it, let's see who will be killed first!"

The middle-aged woman of the Moon Palace was seething in anger.

A formidable vital energy force emanated from her body, and she was suddenly surrounded by an overwhelming and murderous aura.

She pointed her finger towards the middle-aged man in a silver robe. A glittering light instantly tore the void and shot at the man.

"Well, you left me with no choice but to kill you!" The middle-aged man in silver laughed haughtily.

He then

nd Miriam and tell her what happened!"

the woman who was leading the group shouted.


The women from the Moon Palace took out their magic weapons or used their powerful martial skills and started to attack.

"Make sure that none of these bitches can get away!"

The pursuing forces ran towards the women and launched their attacks.

A fierce fight immediately broke out.

Austin stood in the distance and watched the intense fight.

He realized that the women from the Moon Palace were protecting Isis. They tried to create an opportunity for Isis to escape even at the expense of their own lives.

After a while, Isis was able to escape from the battle and went into the bloody desert under the cover of six or seven women at the Major-perfection Realm.

"I guess that woman must have gotten that treasure.

Follow her! We will not let her go!"

the middle-aged man in silver shouted while staring at Isis's back.

Dozens of cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm in the pursuing forces immediately ran after Isis.

In just a short moment, they had caught up with Isis and her entourage.

"Isis, you have to keep yourself safe. Run as fast as you can while we stop these pursuing forces!"

The six or seven women who were protecting Isis gritted their teeth and turned to face their strong enemies.

Austin couldn't help but sigh.

'It seems that it will be difficult for Isis to escape successfully, ' he mused.

The women of the Moon Palace were at a disadvantage position. Their enemies were well prepared, and the girls were greatly outnumbered.

After much contemplation, Austin decided to help Isis. He didn't want to see her being captured.

He felt a pang of nostalgia since they were from the same world.

With that thought, he stepped into the void and headed to where Isis was.

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