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   Chapter 1869 An Acquaintance In A Foreign Place

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The Immortal Burial City was located in the middle of a large crimson desert.

Since the Fallen Immortal World was very wide, Austin had to use his bodily movement skill and rushed towards the Immortal Burial City without a break. After two days, he finally arrived the edge of the crimson desert.

The scene before his eyes surprised him. Everything was covered in bloody crimson.

The crimson colored sky, and the boundless desert coated in crimson sand made people feel terrified. The place looked like it was covered with blood.

The scent of blood in the air smelled of fish and seemed to cling on one's skin.

"Has this place really been full of blood?"

It surprised Austin.

He could feel a strong negative aura around him. It was the killing intent! The air reeked of death, and terror seemed to cover the sky above the desert.

Austin had practiced the Infernal Scripture, and he was very familiar with killing intent.

He knew his intuition was right. A gruesome battle happened on this very desert, and it stained the whole area with blood.

Aside from Austin, several other warriors also came to this bloody desert.

They had heard the news and wanted to get into the Immortal Burial City.


Austin's heart faltered. The ground trembled under his feet. A group of people was rushing to the edge of the bloody desert, and they were close to where Austin stood.

Austin felt familiar with one of them.

She was beautiful and was surrounded by a group of girls.

Her skin was as white as an alabaster jade, while her hair was charcoal black that shined against her skin. It was long and hang smoothly down her back. She was charming and possessed a classic imperial beauty. Young, just around seventeen or eighteen years of age.

Her aura felt so familiar.

With his powerful spiritual sense, Austin felt like he had met the girl before. But who is she?

Curious, Austin released his spiritual sense to check on the girl.

"It's her!"

Austin was shocked and couldn't contain his excitement.

"No way! This can't be happening!"

Austin shook his head in disbelief. He was not convinced he would encounter her here.

'Is it really her?'


the blade intent.

Otherwise, some girls from the Moon Palace would have died miserably on the spot.

Some warriors who were standing close to the girls from the Moon Palace, were also hit by the beam of light. They too were thrown forcefully into the air and suffered serious injuries.

"She is such a powerful cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm!"

Austin narrowed his eyes and was alarmed by what was happening.

The silver saber climbed into the sky, shrouded in clouds. It released a terrifying aura into the air. An indication that it has a very powerful owner.

"Humph! Who the hell are you? Why did you keep blocking our way and killing people from our Moon Palace? Do you really think our Moon Palace is just a bunch of coward people?"

shouted a middle-aged woman at the Heavenly Grotto Realm who was standing next to Isis.

The rest of the girls moved closer to Isis and surrounded her on all sides.

Austin's heart skipped a beat.

"Ha-ha! I have no intention of being an enemy of the Moon Palace. But that treasure is too valuable.

I can't believe that you people from the Moon Palace would want to keep it all by yourselves. I advise you to just hand it over now."

A cold voice spoke from a distance.

Without any sound, a middle-aged man wearing a silver robe appeared. He stood on top of the handle of the huge silver saber. He was looking down on the girls from the Moon Palace as he spoke, his eyes cold and ruthless.

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