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   Chapter 1868 Asking Questions About Immortals

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10088

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The strength of the beautiful woman amazed Austin.

With his current strength, he could still get a chance to struggle even if his opponent was a master of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

But in front of this beautiful woman, Austin realized that he couldn't find a chance to struggle. He was as weak as a baby when he fought with her.

"I don't care how you've gotten his heritage. But it's gratifying to know that the heritage and the orthodoxy he created could reappear in the world after so many years," said the beautiful woman with a sigh of relief.

"I hope you can carry on the Golden Sun Scripture and show its power to the world again in the future."

The woman looked at Austin as if she was looking at someone from the ancient time.

Austin didn't know what to say.

Last time, when the patriarch of the fire crow race saw the Fire Stela, which he called the Divine Fire Stela, he thought that Austin was a successor of an elder master.

Now that the woman had discovered that he was practicing the Golden Sun Scripture, she also thought the same.

The truth was, Austin had gotten both the Golden Sun Scripture and the Fire Stela only by chance.

As for the mysterious elder master, Austin had no idea who he really was.

But of course, Austin wouldn't want to explain anything to her anymore.

After all, this beautiful woman in front of him was very powerful. If he would say something wrong, the consequences would be very serious.

So, instead of saying anything, Austin just gave the beautiful woman a wry smile.

Since Austin remained silent, the beautiful woman continued.

"But you still need improvement. As what I have seen, you are still not good at using the formula of the Golden Sun Scripture. As you may know, the Golden Scripture ought to be the most manly and overbearing formula in the world. It can overcome all cold and evil formulas. However, I was able to defeat you so easily today with the formula of cold nature."

The woman paused for a while and looked at Austin before she continued.

"I have collected several martial arts skills he had practiced and his comprehension about practicing the Golden Sun Scripture formula. I was actually going to keep them as souvenirs but now I've decided to just give them all to you."

The beautiful woman sensed the aura around Austin and she was not satisfied with his cultivation base.

She stretched out her slender hand and pointed at Austin. Then a snow-white light streaked through the space and entered Austin's Soul Sea.

Suddenly, several martial skills and a comprehension about practicing the Golden Sun Scripture appeared in his Soul Sea.

"Thank you very much!" said Austin with great respect.

He was truly grateful of the gifts he had received from the beautiful woman today.

Austin guessed that the former owners of the Golden Sun Scripture and the Fire Stela must have lived a long time ago.

Everyone knew that martial arts skills and practice insights of masters who lived in the anci


It was also the same with a person who had never cultivated the spatial power. He wouldn't be able to feel it as well.

Austin rolled his sleeve and sent all the time stones to the egg.

Immediately, the egg gave off a suction force and began to draw energy from the time stones.

While the egg was busy absorbing energy from the time stones, Austin talked to Yannick.

"Sir, where is Stacy now?" asked Austin to Yannick.

"Stacy is still in the ice palace of that madam you've just met. It's at the bottom of this snow mountain," answered Yannick.

"I don't know the details yet but according to her, Stacy accidentally broke into the Fallen Immortal World. When she found Stacy, she was seriously injured and was on the brink of death,"

Yannick explained patiently to Austin.

He paused for a while before he continued.

"She said that Stacy had a rare Ice Crystal Body which was very suitable for her inheritance so she decided to give Stacy the chance to inherit what she had."

Austin didn't say a word. He was listening to Yannick intently.

"It was that madam who told me these things. When I saw Stacy, she was already lying in an ice coffin and was sleeping soundly. We will know the rest of the story when she wakes up."

Yannick finished talking and looked at Austin.

Austin absorbed all the information he had learned from Yannick.

He was silent for a little while.

"Knowing that Stacy is fine now, I'm relieved," finally, Austin spoke up.

A few moments later, Austin told Yannick about what he had heard about the Immortal Burial City.

He asked Yannick if he would like to go to the city with him.

"No, thanks. I'll just wait here until Stacy wakes up," he refused politely.

He cared about his beloved daughter so much and he couldn't afford to leave her at this time.

"In that case, I will go to the Immortal Burial City by myself."

Austin then said goodbye to Yannick and turned around. He was heading for the Immortal Burial City.

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