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   Chapter 1866 Meeting A Bear In The Snow

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Austin moved towards the world of ice and snow that showed in front of him.

In a moment, he entered an icy mountain.

It was literally a snowy world. Feathery flakes of snow were constantly falling from the sky. Everything was covered with ice.

Austin felt a chill throughout his body as his feet touched the icy ground and snow fell on him.

"It's so cold!" he exclaimed.

Austin was a little surprised. He didn't expect that he would feel this cold the moment he entered this icy world.

With his cultivation base, he knew that ordinary ice and snow couldn't have any effects on him.

Moreover, he had practiced the Golden Sun Scripture. It meant that the golden light vital energy inside his body was like a sea of fire that could provide heat energy for him.

However, this snowy mountain he had entered gave him a sense of coldness. He couldn't help but feel amazed.

To combat the coldness, Austin summoned his vital energy immediately.

Afterwards, he took out his jade slip. He was surprised with the message it gave him but he was pleased as well.

"Stacy had really been here before!"

This jade slip was given by Yannick before he entered the Fallen Immortal World. He could use this jade slip to discern Stacy's location.

Once the jade slip sensed anything left by Stacy, even just her aura, it would react and give off sparkling lights.

As Austin was holding the jade slip in his hand, it was glowing now. It only indicated that Stacy was here.

"It seems that I've found the right place," murmured Austin.

He didn't waste any more time. Austin put away the jade slip and began to search in the area using his spiritual sense.

Suddenly, something happened to Austin.

He felt that the egg of the infinity beast in his body began to shake slightly after they entered this area. It was as if the egg felt something.

'Could it be that there were spatio-temporal crystals in this snowy mountain?' thought Austin.

He remembered that the egg had the same reaction when he was at the Dawning Kingdom of the East Mainland.

During that time, he had found lots of spatio-temporal crystals there. The egg was doing the same thing now as it was the last time it sensed the spatio-temporal crystal around.

Austin was a little surprised on his thought.

He knew that

temperature to rise several degrees in an instant.

Even the accumulated snow on the mountains below showed signs of melting.

The power of the Unearthly Fire was indeed terrifying.

As a matter of fact, once this Unearthly Fire started to burn, it could have the power to burn the whole world to ashes. Just think of that!

Austin was already in rage this time.

"Bastard! Do you really think I am easy to bully?" said Austin coldly.

He stared at the diabolic bear with fierce eyes.

The flame of fury had already rose in his heart.

Suddenly, the diabolic bear attacked Austin.

However, it stopped when it saw the four seas of Unearthly Fire around Austin. A panic expression showed on its face.

The diabolic bear was cold in nature so the Unearthly Fire from Austin would be an invincible opponent for it.

Austin noticed the bear's fear of fire so he waved his hand and ordered, "Burn it!"

The four seas of flames rushed out from four different directions towards the diabolic bear.

"How dare you act wildly here?"

A sweet voice reached Austin's ears all of a sudden.

Then the snow and ice condensed in the air quickly and formed a giant palm that was as wide as a 10-acre land. The palm raised and caused a terrible windstorm energy. The four fierce seas of Unearthly Fire were instantly blown back.

Then a white figure suddenly appeared beside the diabolic bear.

She was a middle-aged woman in a white dress. She looked mature due to her plump figure. She stared at Austin with a murderous look.

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