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   Chapter 1865 The Escape

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9501

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It turned out that all the martial artists who have mastered the spatial power had the ability to accurately orient themselves and navigate successfully within the chaotic void.

For example, the old man from the Nether Sect had spatial power that was slightly stronger than that of Austin's.

Because of that, he was able to figure out where Austin was by just knowing the position where Austin had entered the chaotic void and the strength of his spatial power.

This old man quickly moved and went to the place where Austin used his Space Teleportation just a few moment ago. He, too, used his spatial power and entered the chaotic void.

Inside the chaotic void, Austin was walking forward.

Unfortunately, he was not in the best shape as the old man had wounded him a while ago.

Austin's face was pale and blood was seeping out of the corner of his mouth. As he walked, he felt a terrible corrosive force weighing down on him, slowly destroying his flesh.

After taking a deep breath, he slowly took out some superior herbs from his Space Ring and put them into his mouth.

He then started to activate the Golden Sun Scripture. The light golden vital energy in his body soon began to surge, expelling that corrosive power that was weighing down on him.

The formidable corrosive power that the old man had struck Austin with was of feminine origins, while Austin's Golden Sun Scripture was of masculine origins. Obviously, they were opposite in nature.

A few moments later, Austin was starting to feel much, much better. The corrosive power was beginning to get detached from his body.


In the blink of an eye, it was completely off from him. Austin breathed a sigh of relief.

Despite feeling much better than a few minutes ago, he decided to swallow some more superior herbs in order to counter whatever else the old man put on him.

Since Austin's physical body was incredibly strong, it allowed him to take a lot of drugs without him suffering from any kind of side effect.

Normally, doing this would cause irreparable harm to a cultivator's body. It would be extremely dangerous, and so none of them would even dare do what he just did.

"Ha-ha!" a disembodied voice suddenly rang through the void.

"You brat, let's see how far you can last in this place!"

A vicious laugh followed this threat.

Austin's eyes widened.

He quickly turned around. What he saw took him by surprise: the old man from the Nether Sect was behind him. 'What? He also entered the chaotic void just to follow me?' he thought silently, his face distorting due to frustration and fear.

'Damn it! It looks like this old asshole's spatial power is stronger than mine!'

Austin's bad day was becoming worse by the second. He had to do something.

In the chaotic void, space and time were disorderly and disloc

real hatred between us. I'm a reclusive elder from the Nether Sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land. I have the same status and power as the sect leader.

If you can fulfill some of my requirements, I can let you join our Nether Sect. Heck, you could become a principal disciple, or even the Holy Son! I can do that with my status as a reclusive elder.

You will have bright future with us, young lad,"

he explained softly.

Austin wasn't falling for what this geezer was trying to do.

He knew that this man was too strong, and sitting down and having a talk with him would basically be a suicide mission.

If he did it, he would be at his mercy completely.

"Old man, we don't have to talk about anything.

I'll remember what you have done to me today. One day, in the near future, I'll have your skin peeled and bones torn from your flesh. You old fool, live well. Don't die too early as I am going to enjoy killing you!"

Austin said sarcastically, turning his head back.

With the gnome leading the way, the two moved faster and faster. After a short while, they had completely shaken the old man off. They were now out of his sight.

"Don't run, brat! I will not spare you!"

the old man screamed, trying to catch his escaping targets. Unfortunately, his spatial force was much weaker than the gnome's. No matter what he did, he just couldn't keep up with the two's speed.

Watching their receding figures, he couldn't help but roar with anger.

Half an hour later, the gnome and Austin were able to get out of the chaotic void.

Right after they escaped, Austin used his bodily movement skill and disappeared in the distant sky.

A day later, Austin appeared in front of a large rolling snow mountain range.

"There are indeed so many snow mountains in the Fallen Immortal World!"

Looking at the world covered with snow and ice, Austin sighed with relief.

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