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   Chapter 1864 Running Away

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Gradually the illusory black figure became clearer and clearer. The figure was an old man. He was dressed in black and looked very thin.

Sensing the aura given off by the old man dressed in black, Austin's face involuntarily changed slightly.

'This man is very terrifying!'

Austin was quick to make a judgement of his power. And he realized that he was no match for the man in black.

In this case, the only way out for Austin was to escape.

So, instead of answering, Austin hastily used the bodily movement skill he had created. It enabled him to hide himself and move as fast as he could in an instant towards a large distance.

"Ha ha! Do you think you can escape from me? That's impossible!"

said the thin, old man dressed in black with a smile. He was not in any hurry when he saw Austin's reaction to his appearance.

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed at something ahead him slightly. It seemed like his action had changed something in the world.

Suddenly, Austin, who had already fled and reached a little far away, turned pale and stopped in the air like he was struck by a bolt of lightning. He began sweating and his face turned ghastly pale.

Austin gritted his teeth and exerted all his vital energy and physical strength. He was making a severe attempt to get rid of the invisible constraining force. To his astonishment, he was unable to move at all. All his efforts seemed to be in vain.

'It's the law power!'

Austin felt like the space around him was being sealed by a powerful law force. It was rendering him motionless.

The air became strange and seemed to have solidified.

The old man was really scary. He was better at using the law power than any cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. Austin had never come across any one like him before.

And he had no idea why he was being pursued by such a terrible guy.

"Well, it's amazing that you can still manage to struggle and move under my law power.

It is quite impressive that you, being a cultivator at the medium stage of the Minor-perfection Realm, can do that,"

said the old man. He was looking at Austin with an air of appreciation.

"Sir, I don't think I've offended you. Why are you after me? Why are you making things difficult for me?"

Austin very respectfully asked the old man.

"Well, let me tell you what I want from you.

Tell me the method by which you've been able to obtain water from the Immort

nd Austin's back. A cloud of black smoke appeared behind Austin and covered him.

Puff! A terrible corrosive force rushed into Austin's body in an instant and began to gnaw at his flesh.

Austin vomited profusely, a few mouthfuls of blood.

Before it would leave him severely injured, Austin crazily collected his vital energy force and physical strength and hastened to rush into the chaotic void.

At the same time, the Pot of Chaos rapidly circled around Austin. It vibrated faster and seemed to have a shocking weight.

The demonic avatar also released immense evil energy. It began attacking the black smoke which was all around Austin.

Finally, Austin was able to rush into the chaotic void and disappeared.

"This guy is really not so simple as he seems. His demonic avatar is very weird and has an evil spirit.

His herbal pot seems to be of a very high grade, which is not inferior in any way to the ultimate magical treasure.

Besides, he has the ability to travel through the void in an instant. It's due to his cultivation of the spatial power.

Well, this guy is certainly not easy to deal with!

He must have some big secrets!"

the old man dressed in black murmured to himself as he looked at the place where Austin disappeared.

"You escaped now but you can't escape from me forever, young man!

I will compete with you in terms of the spatial power."

The old man did not seem to be in any hurry.

He wasn't intimidated by Austin as he sensed that Austin's spatial power was quite weaker than his.

He was confident that he could hunt Austin. He was desperate to teach him a lesson.

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