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   Chapter 1863 Being Tracked

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"That's a good thing!"

Austin said happily.

He was very proud that his woman made great progress.

"Now, I think I need to sleep for some time to digest the heritage I just got,"

Caroline said.


Austin was stunned.

"There's nothing for you to worry.

It will be good for me. So just relax and wait till I wake up.

I think it will be the same as before. The evil energy will wrap me like a cocoon and I'll sleep inside.

Who knows, maybe by the time I come out of the cocoon my cultivation base will be superior than yours," she said to Austin.

Then her beautiful eyes winked at him.

There was one time when Caroline slept in a cocoon for a very long time.


Austin nodded.

Then he teleported Caroline and Priest Callum into the City model.

Everyone had now left the cave.

It was obvious that the cave was left by a powerful cultivator of the evil shadow race in ancient times.

That was why everybody decided to leave the cave since it was useless to the beast race and human cultivators.

"So, Austin, are you going to the Immortal Burial City?"

The Peacock King was about to leave when he suddenly asked Austin.

"The Immortal Burial City?"

Austin was stunned by the Peacock King's question.

"Just in case you don't know. There are two places in the Fallen Immortal World where the most opportunities are hidden.

The first one was the deep area of the Immortal Burial Sea. But I don't think any cultivator with their right mind will go there. It was too dangerous.

Even the cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm wouldn't dare to get close to the Immortal Burial Sea, let alone enter the depth of it.

The second one was the Immortal Burial City.

It is located in the middle of a large crimson desert.

I heard that there were incredible opportunities over there.

Moreover, it was much less dangerous compared to the Immortal Burial Sea.

That's why most of the cultivators at Heavenly Grotto Realm have gone to the Immortal Burial City. They tried to take a peek and look for opportunities there,"

the Peacock King said to Austin.

"I get it,"

Austin replied. He understood what the Peacock King meant.


le space.

Austin felt scared when he looked at his terrifying surroundings.

'A horrible top master is attacking me!' Austin thought.

He immediately realized his situation.

The giant black claw was shrouded with terrible death energy. It instantly reached Austin's location.

Its energy fluctuations were very scary.

Austin knew that he could not win against the powerful giant black claw.

He instantly made a move, and the Pot of Chaos rushed out.


A deafening sound reverberated in the whole area.

The Pot of Chaos successfully blocked the powerful attack of the black claw.

Austin controlled the Pot of Chaos that was continuously trembling and instantly crushed all the law power that was locking his body.

He could now move again after being freed from the restraint.

"Haha! I didn't expect that you could easily free from my claws!

You really have some special powers."

An illusory black figure slowly appeared from the void.

"Spatial power!"

Austin was startled when he saw an unknown figure slowly appeared in front of him.

He traveled through the chaotic void, which meant that he was also good at spatial power.

"Hey you! You don't have any choice but to tell me the secret on how you were able to collect the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea.

Don't test my patience. You'd better confess before I take any action.

Otherwise, you will be tortured to death."

The illusory black figure sneered.

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