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   Chapter 1862 The Lucky Chance For Caroline

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"Sir, you are too kind! Thank you for the thought, but I can't take them. These superior herbs are too expensive."

Austin refused politely.

Superior herbs that were on grade six or higher were very rare and valuable in the East Mainland.

The four masters of the beast race were giving more than two thousand superior herbs to Austin, which were of great value.

"Don't think too much. Please accept these superior herbs.

This is just our way of saying thanks for saving our lives just now,"

the Peacock King said.

"Well, if that is the case, then I will gratefully accept it.

Thank you very much!"

Austin was left with no choice but to accept all those superior herbs.

Moreover, those herbs would be very useful to him.

Now, Austin had over four thousand superior herbs of grade six or even higher grade.

He would use these herbs to complete the cultivation of the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

"By the way, I met several people of the Deep Sea Commercial House recently. They told me that Yannick seemed to have found his daughter's whereabouts. They are now on the way there to search for her,"

the Peacock King told Austin.

"Really? That's good news!

Where is she?" Austin asked.

He was overjoyed.

"According to the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House, it seems to be somewhere with many snow-covered mountains in the Fallen Immortal World.

They found there some traces of Stacy.

So most people of the Deep Sea Commercial House are starting to gather there,"

the Peacock King said.

"Oh, I see. Then, I shall go there and have a look,"

Austin said.

He decided to go there because he was friends with both Yannick and Stacy. And he also wanted to know where she was.

"No need to hurry.

Let's go inside the cave first and explore it together.

From what I gather, this cave must be very old. There must be something valuable in it,"

said the Peacock King as he pointed to the cave not far away.

The team of the beast race was preparing for their cave exploration when the people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect suddenly arrived.

Then a conflict between the two sides began.

Because of that, the beast race was not able to get inside the cave.

"Okay, let's go inside


She will become more powerful after she inherits it," Priest Callum said to Austin excitedly.

He knew that Austin was very worried about Caroline.

The Evil God was indeed the faith and spiritual pillar of the evil shadow race. Its statue had sent some kind of inheritance to Caroline, which was equivalent to her identity being recognized.

Austin heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Priest Callum's words.

On the other hand, those people from the beast race were shocked when they saw what was happening in front of them.

But none of them said a word.

They were all aware that with the current situation, Caroline should not be disturbed.

These people also knew the relationship between Caroline and Austin.

Two hours later, Caroline had fully absorbed all the evil energy on the altar.

The statue was no longer emitting any red light and gradually dimmed.

Then, Caroline's beautiful eyes opened slowly.

Her delicate body was quietly emitting a current of very strong evil energy.

"The medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm!"

Austin was shocked.

'Wow! She just had a rapid breakthrough. That's amazing!' thought Austin.

"The statue of the Evil God contained the heritage left by a great master, who was one of the ancestors of the evil shadow race.

A few minutes ago, the great master's residual soul greatly improved my cultivation base level through a special transmission method,"

Caroline said slowly while looking at Austin and Priest Callum.

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