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   Chapter 1860 Surprising The Seven Heavenly Grotto Realm Masters

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"Let's get started!" shouted Austin.

He stayed highly focused on this mission. The strong determination reflected in his eyes.

After all, he was going to deal with the seven Heavenly Grotto Realm masters. If he made any mistakes, he would not only fail to save the Peacock King and his crew, but he would also get himself into trouble.

Austin took a deep breath and prepared himself. He then used the spatial force and disappeared into the void.

Since he was not far away from the Peacock King and his subordinates, he was able to reach them accurately without any troubles.

The next moment, the space above the people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect rippled.

Then a figure rushed out of it at a very fast speed.

It was Austin.

At this moment, he was on high alert and his movements were very swift. He immediately summoned all the energy inside him. There were even some runes which contained great power that spread all over his body.

It was all because he had cultivated the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

Thanks to this skill, Austin was at least a dozen times faster than usual.


The Sky-devouring Gourd Cask appeared and its lid was immediately removed. It turned upside down and rotated nonstop.

In a matter of moments, streams of black water as dark as ink rushed out of the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

The streams of black water went to the direction of the seven Heavenly Grotto Realm masters of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect.

In an instant, the air surrounding the whole mountain filled with death.

Amazingly, Austin did all those things smoothly and quickly.

Everyone from the Ji Clan and the Western Sect including the seven masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm didn't even notice what was happening.

The seven Heavenly Grotto Realm master were busy launching those all-out attacks to kill all the members of the beast race in the array.

Who would have thought that Austin would surprise them like this?

The turbulent black water formed a dome and enveloped the whole space where the people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect were.

Austin's clothes fluttered with the wind. His eyes filled with a dreadful killing intent.

He stretched out his hand

turbulent black energy was produced and came towards the fat man.

Afterwards, the huge bird flew towards the fat man and cut his head with its sharp claws.

Blood gushed out from his body and splashed all over the sky.

As a matter of fact, Brady was slightly weaker than the fat man. However, the fat man was badly hurt by the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea.

With his current condition, it was impossible for him to defeat Brady. Consequently, he was killed by Brady after a dozen blows.

This time, Austin released his demonic avatar to hunt down the other members of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect.

At the same time, Austin pointed at the Pot of Chaos.

The pot hit the array immediately.


In just a few seconds, the Pot of Chaos smashed the array into pieces.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Austin.

He was overjoyed with what transpired before his eyes.

'Because of its weight, the Pot of Chaos was able to break the array easily, ' he pondered.

Inside the array, the Peacock King and the other members of the beast race were stunned by what happened.

None of them had seen this coming.

There had been seven masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

These masters could pose a threat to any holy lands or prominent clans in the East Mainland.

But unexpectedly, three of them were killed in just a few seconds.

The members of the beast race couldn't believe their eyes. For sure, if this news spread out, no one would ever believe it.

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