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   Chapter 1859 The Confrontation

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Finally, they arrived at their destination. Looking up, they examined the gaping cave in the side of the towering mountain.

There was an open space at the entrance of the cave that was cloaked with forest.

Runes launched into the air every so often like fireworks, shooting from large array that had been cast into the air over the open space.

On the outside of the array, hundreds of people were gathered around. Mixed in the crowd were people dressed in black; these were the Ji Clan.

The others were from the Western Sect.

Power almost radiated from the people joined together on the outside. They stood with confidence and regality.

They both possessed cultivators that were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm: three from the Ji Clan and four from the Western Sect.

Inside the array, the Peacock King, the Roc King, and the Flood Dragon King were all trapped. The three of them were also powerful cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, along with a man who was standing two-meters-high with them;

however, they didn't have time to fight back before the array had been laid over them.

They were outnumbered by the Heavenly Grotto Realm masters on the outside and it would be difficult for them to escape.

The one advantage they held was the three hundred people of the beast race that were also trapped with them. If it were to come to a battle, they had more warriors.

"I don't understand. I already told you that the ancient cave can be yours.

There's no need for all these theatrics.

Take away the array and let us go!"

the Peacock King ordered in an authoritative voice. More blood seeped through his clothing as he took a step towards the array. It was clear he had recently participated in a bloody battle.

"In your dreams, Peacock King! Do you really think that it is that simple?

Today, we finally had the chance to catch you. Do you really think we will let you go?"

one of the reclusive elders of the Ji clan replied, holding his belly as he laughed.

A feud had been going on between the Ji Clan and beast race for years and since they were such powerful beings, it was rare that one of them got the opportunity to capture and torture the other.

"So, it's a battle you want? You fools will lose everything,"

Roc King added, snorting.

"You are the foolish ones! We are the successor of the Buddha and our Western Sect was created to hunt down and kill demons like you.

Now that you're trapped, we won't hesitate to destroy you. The beast race must go!"

a fat monk with big ears yelled, pushing his way to the front of the crowd. His voice was malicious and mocking.

He turned his head and looked at his fellow cultivators. They all burst into eager laughter.

"A battle it

tood again.

"Move in!"

The monk started charging at the array. The rest of the Western Sect and Ji Clan followed him, flinging their vital energy at the inside of the array.

It only took a few moments for the beast race to start defending themselves.

Due to the force of the vital energy colliding against the array, the entire mountain and the ground around it started trembling.

"This isn't fair!"

Austin sat back and wondered why the beast race was falling while the Ji Clan and Western Sect were still whole.

Suddenly, it hit him. It turned out that the array had a limiting effect on the people who were trapped inside.

The array had an effect that was limiting the people who were still trapped inside. Their vital energy couldn't break through it and reach the people on the outside.

However, the people outside could attack the beast race.

As a result, all the members of the beast race had no choice but to take the beating.

Austin had to step in or they would all die.

He removed his Aura Disguising Skill and stepped out of the trees.

"Brady, are you listening? I have an idea.

In a couple minutes, I will use the Space Teleportation and sneak up behind the people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect. Then I will splash the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea on the seven masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, giving the beast race an advantage.

While I'm doing that, you will attack them secretly,"

Austin said.

The reason why Austin decided to do so was because he had an extremely powerful tool at his disposal--the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea!

Even the cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm couldn't withstand the power of the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea. Once it touched them, they would begin to decay and die a painful and ugly death.

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