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   Chapter 1858 Mantra Of Six Words

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"Die!" the young bald man exclaimed.

The fury was evident in his face. He then put his palms together, summoning a circle of golden light behind his head that made him look like a reincarnation of Buddha.

"Om!" A low, yet powerful hum reverberated all throughout.

This hum came from the young bald man as fierce sound waves began to burst out of his mouth.

These waves hit Edward like an invisible hammer.


The force was enough to throw Edward into the air. He had been fighting for half a day and was understandably exhausted. He was at his limit and this was evident with the mouthful of blood he suddenly spat after being attacked.

Austin waved his sleeve and grabbed ahold of Edward, putting him aside to safety.

"Bastard, go to hell!"

the young man roared in fury, quite like a tiger. His eyes were also burning with rage as he glared at Austin.

"Ma!" Yet another low hum emanated from this young bald man.

His voice sounded mighty and as powerful as his last hum.

The sound waves this time surged like a tsunami, heading straight to his opponent.

Austin was secretly surprised.

These sound waves that his opponent wielded were by no means simple. In fact, they seemed to contain powerful law power.

They could turn into countless powerful and intangible hammers akin to God's punishment. Austin was pounded from all directions, as these sound waves formed a kind of sound wave cage all around him.

The place where he stood shook violently upon the impact of the terrifying sound waves.

At that moment, Austin couldn't help but feel as if he was a small boat in the middle of a hurricane, ready to capsize at any moment.

'Damn it! It's just a roar, but it has such a great power!

This has the same effects as my Roaring Blast but it's definitely more powerful!'

Austin couldn't help but lament in his heart.


The demonic avatar appeared beside Austin, reaching out in front of him with a demonic finger.

Magic seal symbols burst out in front of him, spreading out quickly throughout the sound wave cage.

Once the symbols covered the cage, the sound waves that surrounded Austin were instantly sealed.

Using his mind, Austin willed the Spiritual Pot to rush towards the young man's Soul Sea while also disappearing into the void at the same time.

The young bald man froze when he felt a peerless killing intent directed at him and his heart immediately grew cold.

Without warning, something with b

n the people of the beast race, including Edward himself and the Peacock Princess, would've been in a terribly difficult situation.

That still did not change the fact that he saw Austin as his biggest rival in love. Edward had strong affections for the Peacock Princess so he naturally did not have that much of a good relationship with Austin.

"Don't mention it. It's not a big deal," Austin said, calmly waving him off.

He knew exactly why Edward was a bit hostile to him.

"Let's go and see how your father and your people are doing,"

Austin said to the Peacock Princess.

"Now? Won't it still be too dangerous for us to go back?"

the Peacock Princess replied.

Austin gave her a comforting smile.

"Don't worry. It's all right now!"

The Peacock King was particularly fond of Austin. Besides, the Flame Holy Land had already allied itself with the beast race from the East Mainland.

Thus, there was no way Austin was willing to let the Peacock King get hurt.

Austin had a lot of aces in the hole now. So long as he reacted quickly, he would be able to preserve his own life even in difficult situations.

Brady was also a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. If Austin was ever confronted with danger, then he would surely be of great help to him.

"Okay, let's go back."

Edward's eyes were cold and full of killing intent.

He had been injured just now but was able to make a full recovery after taking some superior pills.


The Peacock Princess nodded. She was eager to go back and see how her father was.

With this agreement, all of them soared into the sky and flew in a certain direction.

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