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   Chapter 1857 The Slaughter

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At that crucial moment where he was at the very brink of life and death, the man of the Western Sect let out a large roar of fury. He then moved so fast and bent over that his body seemed to have been cut into two parts from the middle. Due to the limits of the human eye, the sight was as if the upper part of his body had fallen down to the ground. In reality, he had managed to dodge the white sword in a flash.

The man had a rich amount of practical experience in real-time combat and he had gone through numerous life and death battles, which was how he had been able to react so quickly.

"Nice, you're quick to react."

A figure appeared out of thin air next to him and sneered at him.

"How dare you attack me, you scum! Die!"

The man had almost tasted death just now. His heart was still beating violently and his mood had become very agitated. Seeing the source of the attack appear right beside him, he could not hold back any longer and launched his attack without any thoughts.

With a single forward step, thousands of imposing golden lights escaped from his right palm and rushed towards Austin.

Midair, they began to project the shadow of a fist made of golden light, which got magnified several times rapidly. It grew so fast that it filled the entire space in an instant. Faint voices of cultivators meditating echoed from the huge golden fist.

Austin didn't dodge the attack. Instead, with a single punch, his blood began to stir up. A blood dragon growled in a low voice and began to hover around him.


The huge golden fist that the man had created exploded into confetti. The poor man was shocked beyond reason and forced several steps back.

He had clearly felt that the young man had not used vital energy force for his defense at all. Instead, he had broken the fist into pieces with his physical strength only.

"How can someone be so strong? That is impossible!"

He was very shocked.

He should have been shocked; the guy had performed a famous martial art of the Western Sect just now, which was a meditative move known as the Divine Fist. Using this move, a cultivator could attack an enemy right down to his soul.

But to his surprise, the move had been stopped by Austin using only physical strength.

"Austin! Is that you?"

Suddenly, the Peacock Princess sent a message to Austin through her spiritual sense.

Although Austin had changed his appearance using the Aura Disguising Skill, but the

Peacock Princess instantly recognized the white sword since she had seen him use it before.

Austin nodded silently.

"These dirty animals are going to die today!"

He then shouted coldly.

Raising his hand, he formed an array of five sword-lights that were each a hundred feet long. Then, combining the horrifying sword intent

she said in a worried tone.

"What? How?"

Austin was stunned.

"Our people found an ancient cave. They broke the array blocking the entrance and entered inside to search for treasures.

At the same time, those thugs from the Ji Clan, the Western Sect from the West Desert also appeared.

A fight broke out. Right now, there is an ongoing conflict between our beast race and those people.

I have never even imagined that the Ji Clan would form an alliance with the Western Sect and go against our beast race.

My father managed to make a path so that Edward and I could escape.

The people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect pursued us and tried to kill us. I was lucky enough to escape,"

the Peacock Princess narrated the events.

"I see. Let's go back there and see how Edward is doing!"

Austin looked at the fight that was going on between Edward and the young man with bald head and bare feet a few meters away from them. The latter looked quite hyperactive

The Peacock Princess nodded.

"Who are you! How dare you murder my brothers!"

The said bald young man was obviously from the Western Sect too. He had just seen clearly what was going on and had witnessed the battle.

But when he had tried to rush over and save his fellow disciples, Edward had stopped him and kept him occupied with all of his remaining strength.

The poor disciple could only watch Austin kill his brothers within seconds and do nothing at all.

When he saw Austin approach him, he began glaring at him as if he wanted to chew up and swallow the man right away.

"I killed them. That's that. So what?"

Austin smiled faintly in response, indifferent to the man's fury.

"You maniac!

I'll kill you myself!"

The man lost control after hearing Austin's indifferent response and made up his mind to kill the latter in the most painful way possible.

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