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   Chapter 1856 Western Sect

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After a little while, Austin arrived at the place where the fierce fight was taking place.

'It really is Edward!'

Austin thought as he looked at the young man who was wearing fine golden clothes and was flying mid-air.

However, it looked like Edward was at a disadvantage. There were several obvious wounds on his body and blood was gushing out of them from time to time, whenever he applied force.

'He has the golden blood, ' Austin thought, surprised at what he saw.

"Ha-ha! Is that all what you can do? I overestimated you. I thought a prince in the beast race would be a formidable opponent.

It looks like I was totally wrong. You are just a weakling," a tall young man said with a smirk.

He was bare-foot and without hair. He held a silver monk staff in his hand.

Every time he waved his staff, the whole space trembled violently. Terrifying tornadoes appeared around.

Edward tried hard and used his golden sword to withstand the powerful blows while stepping back.

"Oh! The Peacock Princess is here too!" Austin murmured.

Using his spiritual sense, he perceived that a group of people had surrounded the Peacock Princess and her personal maids. The two parties were involved in a tense fight as well.

The Peacock Princess and those one dozen girls stood with their backs to each other. Then they released demonic energy to ward off the fierce attacks which were coming at them from all directions.

"Oh! Some of them are from the Ji Clan!"

Austin was quick to recognize that some of the people who were launching attacks on the Peacock Princess were from the Ji Clan of the East Mainland.

It was quite easy to identify the people of the Ji Clan because they usually wore black clothes. Besides, they released black vital energy.

Apart from the members from the Ji Clan, there was also a large group of people. They were clad in long sleeveless gowns and were not wearing shoes. Moreover, they were all wearing some strange earrings.

"Ha-ha! You girls from the beast race of the East Mainland are so attractive and hot. You are much prettier than the women in our West Desert.

Damn it! The girls in our hometown are probably stronger than the men like us. I'm sick of them.

C'mon guys, capture these women alive. Ha-ha! We

The Peacock Princess was enraged and she glared at the man who spoke. She raised her hand and pointed at him. The huge colorful feather started to emit colorful lights and came darting at him.

"Looks like you prefer the hard way. Well, don't complain if I don't show you mercy," the man with golden earrings said.

He clapped his hands. Suddenly, the two giant divine wheels merged and became one. The merged wheel rushed towards the Peacock Princess with a rumbling sound.


With its full speed, the divine wheel crashed wildly with the colorful feather.

The Peacock Princess was already exhausted after fighting against so many enemies for a long time.

As a result, she failed to resist the violent attacks they were making now. She coughed out blood which indicated how severely she was injured.

"My lady, are you all right?" her maids cried out in unison.

Their faces turned pale fearing for their lady's life.

The man with golden earrings laughed wildly again. His laughter showed how cruel he was.

"Again, I'm advising all of you to stop fighting. All of you are so beautiful that I don't have the heart to hurt you further!"

he said with a sinister smirk on his face.

Just then, he sensed something that made his hair stand on its end.

He perceived that something extremely dangerous was approaching him.

Before he could realize or understand much, he saw a white long sword suddenly appear. And it was rushing in his direction. It was aimed directly at his neck.

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