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   Chapter 1855 The Way To Hatch The Silk Cocoon

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However, when Austin was a few miles away from the nest, an idea occurred to him. To be precise, it was less of an idea than an epiphany.

He turned around instantly and rushed down the cliff.

Three ancient beats were lying dead at the bottom of the cliff and their bodies would have begun to rot pretty soon.

The corpses belonged to a golden fire lion, a white jade tiger, and a nine-headed python.

"Hmm. These are ancient and powerful beasts and their dead bodies contain immense amounts of unutilized energy even after their death. It would be a shame to let them rot here," Austin murmured.

He rushed forwards, and with a wave of his hand, teleported the three giant corpses into the Slave Tower. Later on, they could be used and they wouldn't rot while inside the tower.

A very important benefit he could reap now was that while cultivating the Immortal Body Refining Formula, he could add other precious materials to the mixture to improve its properties, in addition to the ones which were necessarily required.

In fact, the formula said that he could add all kinds of ingredients; including precious natural recourses, herbs, pills, various rare crystals, and even the dead bodies of rare diabolic beasts. These things would provide energy to him and allow better cultivation when he practiced the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

The rarity of those additional treasures was directly related to how the amount of energy they could provide.

Ancient beasts were quite a rare type of animals and their body parts would prove highly useful.

Austin decided that he would add these three ancient beasts when he practiced the Immortal Body Refining Formula next time.

Then he kicked off his bodily movement skill and rushed out of the mountain without looking back.

Very soon after he had left the mountain, two masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm rushed in from the east and landed on the bird nest.

One of them was an old man clad in a graceful grey. He was about fifty years old and looked wise and solemn. With a wave of his sleeve, he made the unconscious Jerome rise up and float in front of him. Then, he brought out a purple pill which was giving off a delicate fragrance and put it into Jerome's mouth.

He then transferred some vital energy into Jerome too, and shortly after these steps, Jerome woke up.

"Steward Pr

"Yeah, but... I don't know how to hatch it."

Austin was also very excited to get the cocoon but he shrugged helplessly.

'Once I hatch this divine silkworm, I might be able to manipulate and control all kinds of worms around me, ' he thought to himself.

"It is an easy task; and it is extremely difficult,"

Brady said mysteriously.

"What do you mean?"

Austin asked in a confused tone.

"Hatching it is easy, as long as you can find enough precious natural resources. You need some specific type of resources which contain enormous amount of energy to sustain the silkworm. If you get them, you can hatch it.

The problem is going to be getting your hands on them,"

Brady explained.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

'So the difficult part is getting the resources. That sounds hard, ' he thought.

"I'll be on the lookout for these ingredients.

I will certainly hatch it!"

Austin said in a determined tone.

"For now, I am going to go on searching for more superior herbs so that I can practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula,"

he told Brady.

Then he teleported himself out of the Slave Tower once more.

Just as he was about to leave the woods, loud noises reached his ears from the distance and he turned around, cautious.

It looked like several people were fighting.

Bright golden lights were rising into the sky.

"Could it be that person?"

Seeing the golden light, Austin couldn't help but think of a person.

He started his bodily movement skill and rushed towards the place where the noises were coming from.

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