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   Chapter 1853 Fighting For The Silk Cocoon

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8152

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"I have to admit you are very bold.

However, a mere nobody should know his place. It's inappropriate for you ants to show off whenever you want.

Remember this in your next life,"

said Jerome, the man from the Heavenly Mysterious Sect, as he glanced at Austin with a stern pair of eyes.

"Oh, I see.

Indeed, it was inappropriate to show off in front of the real masters.

But, in front of you, it's not really a big deal for me,"

Austin uttered sarcastically.

With Austin's strength and tricks up in his sleeve, he would have a chance to escape from even a master of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

However, the three young men from the Middle Pilgrim Land were only at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm. Perhaps that level was still unattainable for other young martial artists in the East Mainland.

But even with that immense power of his enemies, Austin felt no pressure at all.


You're really interesting!"

Lauryn said with a smile, also surprised.

She knew that Austin was only at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, but he had absolute guts to act arrogant in front of them. If he was not mentally ill, he must have some aces up his sleeve to be that confident.

"Humph!" the young man in silver armor snorted.

All of a sudden, he swayed and rushed towards the silk cocoon, which he had been eyeing for a while now.

"Landen, no!"

Jerome shouted in a fury, but it was too late.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

A dozen purple arrows flew towards the man in silver armor named Landen.

Upon seeing that, Landen stretched out his hand. A silver light flashed, and a white halberd materialized in his hand. He waved the halberd back, and all the purple arrows were shot away.

Without turning his head around, he reached out to grab the white silk cocoon.

Lauryn, seeing how Landen acted, also moved gracefully.

Like the moonlight, vital energy poured out like a torrent and instantly turned into a huge jade hand. It emitted a brilliant light, patting the head of Landen.

Meanwhile, Landen's white halberd turned into a massive white dragon, roaring and lunging at Lauryn and colliding with the latter's jade hand.

Just then, Austin began to move.

He used his newly mastered bodily movement skill and instantly appeared next to the white silk cocoon.

"You're courting death!" Jerome cursed.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

He summoned a bow, and shot dozens of

n shouted and waved the white halberd in his hand. Endless runes rushed out and condensed together to attack Austin.

"Good. Cut this ant first, and then take away the cocoon!" Jerome uttered as he had already noticed that Austin's power was stronger than theirs.

He then yelled, and a dozen of simple yet powerful seals made of vital energy appeared above his head, trembling like meteorites. Then, in an instant, they fell towards Austin's head.


However, before they could even land on Austin's head, a devilish figure as high as six or seven meters tall appeared next to him. It was the demonic avatar!

It stretched out its thick fingers to seal the space before Austin.

Suddenly, the shining runes turned into a terrible seal power, instantly blocking the whole space nearby.

In an instant, Jerome, Landen, and Lauryn realized that they were somehow paralyzed.

Austin seized the chance and went to the silk cocoon in a heartbeat. He waved his vital energy force to roll it up and put it into the Slave Tower.

"Damn it! It seems that you really want to kill me!"

Austin said to Jerome.

The latter had been claiming that Austin was a nobody and declared how he wanted to kill him.

Austin was getting tired of his bellowing. In fact, he was already at his limit at that point.

"Let me start with you!"


In a flash, Austin descended from the sky, ready to step on Jerome's head.

"How dare you!" yelled the extremely furious Jerome.

He was on the verge of breaking away from the seal. After all, a man of his power could easily break free from such blocking power.

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