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   Chapter 1852 Outstanding Talents Of The Middle Pilgrim Land

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"Get away, brat!" a cultivator at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm shouted at Austin.

Austin had arrived at the nest one step ahead of him. It was clear that he also possessed a lot of power and strength.

Even though Austin had gotten there first, the cultivator pushed him out of the way and reached for the silk cocoon.

"I'm not going anywhere! That cocoon is mine!"

Austin wrapped his hand around the back of the cultivator's neck and cast him away. He flew through the air so fast he looked like a blur.

His face turned red from both anger and embarrassment as he tried to activate his bodily movement skill; however, it was too late that he fell off the cliff.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Gazing around him, Austin saw that five more cultivators had reached the nest. He shrugged when he used his spiritual sense and realized that the most powerful among them had only reached the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm.

It only took a few seconds for him to cast them off the nest and off the cliff.

Uninterrupted, Austin faced the nest and summoned his golden vital energy into a large palm. He reached for the silk cocoon, smiling.

Before he could touch it, the cocoon sent dazzling lights into the air all around it. Austin's eyes grew bigger.

A surge of energy burst from it and his palm was slapped away.


Austin marveled, stepping closer to it.

It was too valuable to give up so easily. Letting out a yell, he extended his right hand towards the silk cocoon.

Focusing intensely, it began to lift inches off the ground.

After practicing the Immortal Body Refining Formula, Austin himself seemed to have become a powerful magic treasure. He didn't need any of his resources to capture the cocoon, which would make the task take less time.

The cocoon lifted higher and he could almost feel it in his hand. Suddenly, he saw purple light zoom past his eyes. Looking at it hard enough, he found out it was an arrow with mysterious runes on it. It let out a magical sound as it flew at Austin's right hand.

The runes lit up and energy seeped from it, heating up his skin.

As annoying as it was, he was forced to withdraw his right palm and hit the purple arrow. It changed directions and got stuck in the ground closest to him.

Turning slowly, Austin looked in the direction that the arrow had come from. He couldn't see anyone standing nearby through his narrowed eyes.

"You can leav


Do you also have your eyes on the divine silkworm?"

Lauryn Liu said, looking at Austin curiously.

All the other cultivators had run from Jerome, fearing their lives. Only Jerome from the Heavenly Mysterious Sect, the handsome youth from the Unworldly Sect, and Austin were still standing near the divine silkworm.

The Heavenly Mysterious Sect, the Moon Palace, and the Unworldly Sect were all well-known in the Middle Pilgrim Land. Austin felt less powerful as they stood around him but he was still determined to win the cocoon and make it out alive.

He didn't care that these three people were all geniuses over the young cultivators in the Middle Pilgrim Land. No one dared to make them enemies, but Austin wasn't a nobody.

He stood more firmly next to the nest.

They had expected him to be afraid but he looked completely composed. In fact, the entire time they had been there, his eyes hadn't left the cocoon. He easily ignored them which was infuriating.

"Sweetie, there's one thing I want to make clear to you.

I was the first to arrive at the nest, so this silk cocoon is mine.

You can leave now—the rest of you too,"

Austin responded calmly.

He still didn't look in her direction as he spoke. The three young cultivators stared at him in shock.

Who was this foolish young man?

It took a few seconds but eventually, Lauryn Liu snapped out of her trance. As she looked at Austin, a smile spread across her face.

Her full, round breasts rose and fell as she laughed.

Many cultivators that were still relatively near the nest fixed their eyes on her breasts obsessively, feeling aroused.

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