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   Chapter 1851 The Divine Silkworm (Part Two)

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"Oh no! It's the nine-headed python! Another ancient beast!"

someone nearby shouted when he recognized the snake.


Strangely, the body of the snake was covered in bright blood red scales as if it had been dipped in the blood pool. A loud hiss slipped from its mouth as it charged at the tiger.


The tiger switched back to its large form and slashed at the snake while it snapped back.

This fight lasted less time than the first one had and eventually it ended.

The white jade tiger had bitten and crushed the nine heads of the nine-headed python, and the powerful python had crushed the white jade tiger's throat.

Slowly and dramatically, both beasts rolled off the cliff and hit the bottom with a crash.


After waiting to ensure no more beasts were coming, several of the cultivators flew towards the nest.

Surely, whoever reached it first would be blessed with the mysterious treasure in the bird nest. Why else would three beasts of the Heavenly Grotto Realm fight so viciously for it?

In a split second, Austin joined them. He used his advanced bodily movement skill and reached the edge of the bird's nest faster than many of the other warriors.

The sides of the nest were made of giant pieces of wood and were about ten square meters in height. Peering over the side, Austin was taken by surprise.

He saw a shiny, white silkworm cocoon placed in the very middle of the nest.

This silkworm cocoon was about one meter in diameter and it was bulging and moving in all directions sleepily.

Above it, strings of colorful light shone and flickered. Austin took a step backwards as the strong spiritual energy collected into a fog and floated above the nest.

From the fog, a pleasant aroma spread and he smiled.

Shoop! Sho

r and their eyes widened. They couldn't believe it. It was said that if anyone could hatch a divine silkworm successfully, they would gain the ability to command all the insects in the future.

"Fortunately, the silkworm cocoon hasn't hatched yet. Once it breaks open, it can summon many powerful insects, and once that happens, it doesn't matter how powerful a martial artist is, since it will be difficult to capture it.

Now, it is only able to summon weaker insects to protect it,"

a cultivator shouted.

"The divine silkworm belongs to me. If anyone tries to take it, I will kill them!"

As if his threat had gone in their ears and out the other, a few of the cultivators rushed to the silkworm cocoon, resisting the ongoing attacks from the insects.

Risking their lives meant nothing if they could win the prize of the cocoon.

They raced to it, shoving and tripping each other. Everyone was trying their best to get the silkworm cocoon.

"Fuck! Get out of the way!"

Austin felt his blood heat in his veins, like he was transforming into a beast. He once again moved faster than all the other cultivators.

In an instant, the cocoon was almost within his reach.

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