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   Chapter 1850 The Divine Silkworm (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6036

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Without wasting another moment, Austin closed his eyes and shot into the sky using his bodily movement skill. He flew through the air like lightning.

After several hours, Austin landed at the foot of a huge, grey mountain. He thanked the gnome who had helped guide him there.

Austin would be lost without the gnome's help. The gnome was able to easily detect various types of precious natural resources from miles away. He had been the first to inform Austin that there were high-grade superior herbs hidden in the mountain. That was the reason why Austin came here in the first place. He needed more superior herbs for his following cultivation process.

Stopping at the entrance of the mountain, Austin turned to his Illusion Bead and released Violet and the gnome. They entered the mountain together and skillfully navigated the dim caves, working together to collect handfuls of high-grade superior herbs. They did such things like a thousand times over, and each of them clearly knew what to do.

The goal was to find at least 4, 000 sixth-grade superior herbs and they had collected only a few hundred so far. Austin sighed and thought about how great he would feel when he finished the cultivation of the Immortal Body Refining Formula. All he needed was the herbs and time to practice it.

They walked along a narrow corridor in between caves, searching all the crevices and holes for more herbs.

Every so often, they would come across other warriors searching for superior herbs, but they didn't acknowledge them.

This mountain was popular but vast, so none of the cultivators had the need to fight for the resources. Everyone was safe to harvest at their leisure. That was just a good thing for Austin and his friends.

Eventually, the three of them reached the innermost part of t

had swiped its huge front paw against the top of the lion's head. A huge hole was left behind, gushing large amounts of blood.

Stumbling, the lion's eyes crossed and it slipped off the edge of the cliff, falling to its death.

The crowd watched in awe as the white jade tiger finished off the lion. It then looked into the distance and transformed back into a white light before flying towards a spot on the edge of the cliff.

"Look! There is a huge bird's nest over there!"

someone exclaimed.

Everyone turned and saw the nest perched in between the trees. They now understood why the beasts had been fighting. There was only one explanation, and that was both of them wanted whatever was inside that nest.

It must be something precious to make two beast at the Heavenly Grotto Realm fight to the death for it.

Many of the warriors started to speak excitedly, wondering and theorizing about what was inside the nest.


The white jade tiger was about to reach the huge bird nest when

another giant figure fell from the top of the cliff.

Its shadow was long and thin and when it came into the light, people around saw another bizarre scene! It was a nine-headed snake.

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