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   Chapter 1849 Cultivating (Part Two)

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Fortunately, Austin's belief in martial arts was very firm, as was his confidence in his own self. He gritted his teeth and did not even think about giving up. He knew in himself that he could do this.

He merely refined his body over and over again, trying to make a breakthrough. His blood and bones continuously absorbed the energy produced by the medicine.

Gradually, the complex and mysterious runes began to get deeply imprinted in his flesh and blood, and finally became an inseparable part of him.

Six more hours later, a loud bang was heard.

The lid of the pot was suddenly knocked away, and a glowing body, seemingly made of divine iron from its color, rushed out of it.

'Great! I did it! I have completed the first level of refinement!'

Austin thought to himself. He was still naked, but in his pursuit, he had no obvious worries or joy. His body looked crystal clear, and an endless amount of energy was madly pouring into his flesh and bone from all directions.

"Good! Now, I'll carry out the second level of refinement!"

After meditating for a while, again Austin threw five more semi-omnipotent herbs, another batch of about a thousand superior herbs at or above grade six and several heavenly fire bamboos into the pot of chaos.

It was time for the second level.

About a day later.

Austin had completed five levels of refinement by performing the same steps as the first one.

He had initially planned to complete nine such stages to turn his body into a magical treasure.

However, after he had finished cultivating for the fifth time, he saw that he had used up all the superior herbs at or above grade six that he had collected over time.

"Looks like I need to find four thousand superior herbs at or above grade six before I

he miserable raptor had become extremely scared the moment Austin had pushed off the ground and now, every black feather it had was standing on ends. It moaned in a low voice, and its eyes began to shiver with fear.

This human was terrible! The bird was a goner for sure now!

That raptor was a beast of immense strength and it didn't stand a chance in front of this human boy.

The raptor felt its body becoming weaker and a dizziness appearing over it.

"Fuck off!"

Austin bellowed before throwing it into the air.

The raptor seemed somewhat relieved after being released. What had happened just now was too horrible for it to imagine. It dared not stop for a moment. It instantly spread its wings and rushed quickly into the sky, escaping without a trace in the blink of an eye.

"Right, then. It's time for me to continue my exploration of the Fallen Immortal World.

I hope I can obtain enough superior herbs. I really need to finish the cultivation as soon as possible,"

Austin muttered to himself as if nothing had happened just now. Then, he took a single step which carried him thousands of feet away and he instantly disappeared from the mountain area.

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