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   Chapter 1848 Cultivating (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6263

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After performing this step, the Pot of Chaos now contained the following things: five semi-omnipotent herbs; more than a thousand superior herbs, all of which were at or above grade six; five heavenly fire bamboos; a fish with primordial masculine energy; and a fish with primordial feminine energy.

Their rarity and price were much more than what their names showed. All of these materials were known to be extremely precious and worth an entire fortune. In fact, a single semi-omnipotent herb was easily worth a king's ransom on its own.

With so many precious elements inside the pot, numerous kinds of astonishing and sparkling spiritual energies were flowing around everywhere.

Austin, however, was too engrossed in his work to marvel at the sight; he quickly summoned four Unearthly Fire: the Original Prime Fire, the Scorching Evil Fire, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire and the Mint Wood Fire. It would have taken an ordinary cultivator several hours to summon a single one of these fires! People might have spent their whole life pursuing even just one kind of the Unearthly Fire. And here it is; Austin himself owned four kinds of such precious fire! How jealous those cultivators would be once they found out about this!


Under Austin's control and direction, the four Unearthly Fires began to burn simultaneously and floated inside the herbal pot. They turned into four seas of fire, each with its own color and own property.

Even with so many fires burning underneath it, it still took an hour before the materials in the pot seemed to be affected; they morphed into shiny liquids slowly.

The liquids then began to gradually mix with each other, glittering and emitting a beautiful fragrance. It was the sort of fragrance that made people feel like they were going to ascend to heaven that very moment and become immortal.

To be honest, Austin h

into his body. In fact, the red glow on him was his blood expanding at a significantly quicker pace; it was rushing around, cleansing his entire body and reforming it.

"Aah! Shit! That hurts so bad!"

Suddenly, a soul stirring, excruciating pain began to erupt from every part of his body.

As he sat inside the pot, his entire body trembled. He suddenly threw his head back and stared at the lid of the pot, trying to distract himself from the excruciating pain he was going through. "Come on, Austin! You can do this!" He tried to find the courage inside him. His body was all red and the sight was ghastly now.

The four kinds of Unearthly Fire, with their terrible burning powers, lit up every cell in his body, which began to burn.

This was unbearable; a match between flesh and fire, soul and body, sense and will.

If Austin couldn't hold on, he would be killed within seconds. That sounded cruel, but that was the choice he made and he had to bear the consequences one way or another.

If his soul could somehow persist, he might attain nirvana and be reborn, though chances for that were extremely slim. But if he succeed, his entire body would be thoroughly cleaned and refined into a terrible and powerful magic treasure.

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