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   Chapter 1847 Harvest The Sea Water

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After Austin finished refining the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask, he found something in it. Inquisitive as always, he immediately used his spiritual sense to find out more about it.

"Dark sea water!"

Austin was surprised to know.

It was revealed to him that there was some dark sea water of the Immortal Burial Sea which was in the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

The sea water was so frightening that Austin did not dare to touch it.

"It is said that the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask has the ability to engulf everything. It's true I guess. That is how the sea water of the Immortal Burial Sea got collected in it!"

Austin murmured in amazement.

Suddenly, Austin's eyes lit up.

'If that's the case, I'll just fill the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask with more of the sea water of the Immortal Burial Sea!

In future when I am fighting with my enemies, I can attack them with the sea water when they aren't paying attention. In that case, even if they are the masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm, they will either be dead or disabled, '

Austin thought, excited at the prospect of owning and using it on his enemies.

On the other hand, the tsunami hadn't receded, and the Pot of Chaos was still in the sea. So, Austin had to wait patiently.

It was after five or six hours that the scenario changed.

The tsunami finally subsided, and the tide gradually receded.

At last, the sea water had returned to its original position. The tumultuous waves became silent.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin was able to perceive that it was calm outside.

He carefully opened the lid of the Pot of Chaos and got out of it.

There were no other warriors nearby. Not a human was present there.

The dark sea spread across the whole distance was as calm as a mirror. The intelligent corpses were floating in the sea.

Except those, Austin didn't see any other thing.


Finally! They've all gone away!"

Seeing everything so peaceful, Austin heaved a long sigh of relief.

With a wave of his hand, Austin put away the Pot of Chaos. Then he took out the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

He stretched his body and cautiously approached the surface of the sea.

A moment later, Austin was two or three meters away from the sea surface.

His heart was pounding wildly as he got closer to the water. He could not help shivering when he thought of that freak.

The freak in black robe had startled Austin earlier, when he suddenly appeared in a boat from the deep sea. He was apprehensive of meeting that freak again. If that happened, he was afraid it would become dangerous for him.

But what could he do? He had no other choice.

Austin raised the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask and waved it at the surface of the black sea which was not far away.

The opening at the top of the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask suddenly expanded into a huge black hole. It cre

l the materials he needed to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

According to the records of the Immortal Body Refining Formula, Austin needed to refine his body as a magic treasure. He had to put himself in the pot, add all kinds of treasures from heaven and earth in it, and then burn it with the Unearthly Fire.

It was actually extremely dangerous to practice such a cultivation method.

After all, it was a fact that a cultivator was a man of flesh and blood. But Austin wanted to be refined as a weapon with the terrible Unearthly Fire. If there was an accident, it was clear that he would die for sure.

However, Austin had a tremendous advantage in cultivating like this.

That was the fact that he owned the Unearthly Fire he would be using. He was the master of the four kinds of Unearthly Fires.

In this way, Austin knew he could control the Unearthly Fire freely in the process of refining, and the chances of making mistakes were greatly reduced.

"Well, let's start then!"

Sitting in front of the Pot of Chaos, Austin started to put all the materials in it.

The materials included five semi-omnipotent herbs, more than a thousand sixth-grade superior herbs, five heavenly fire bamboos, a fish with primordial masculine energy and a fish with primordial feminine energy.

These were the materials needed for the first practice.

To completely practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula, the cultivator had to go through the process of refining for about nine times.

Only after that, the cultivator's body — his flesh and blood — would turn into a magic treasure.

Another thing that made Austin glad was that these materials could be recycled.

Every time the practice ended, the rest of the liquid could be preserved in the Pot of Chaos as a supplement.

The next time, he would just need to add more treasures from heaven and earth into the Pot of Chaos.

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