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   Chapter 1846 The Sky-devouring Gourd Cask

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More than ten black iron chains flew across the sky and came at the little boy from the Black Inferno Sect.

"No!" roared the boy in disbelief.

His face was full of terror.

In the next second, the black iron chains were like knives that instantly cut his body into pieces.

Painful roars were heard from the boy until his last breath.

Everyone nearby was stupefied. They couldn't believe that a top master had just died like that.

Afterwards, the black iron chains swiftly changed their target.

They rushed towards the man in white.

Terrified, the man in white gave out a deafening roar.

Streaks of sword-light dashed out of his body. They filled the sky and covered him.

However, the black iron chains broke all the sword-light that surrounded him in a heartbeat.

He was immediately hit by them.


The man let out a cry before his body was cut into pieces.

Another master had died.

The other cultivators were astonished by what had transpired before their eyes. They stepped back simultaneously to distance themselves from the sea.

The black iron chains then shook in midair and rushed towards the maiden in purple.

The girl's face paled in fear.

However, the bright moon behind her head rose suddenly and burst out brilliant silver radiance that rushed towards the chains.


It smashed one of the black iron chains. The rest of the chains wriggled and charged towards the girl again.

Suddenly, a sneer was heard.

"Help me!"

the girl in purple shouted in great joy.

It seemed like she found her savior.

The next moment, an old woman with grey hair appeared beside her.

She was the woman the girl in purple called for help.

The moment she was beside the girl, the old woman waved her walking stick at the chains.

All of a sudden, all the chains broke into pieces and fell on the beach.

They then turned into wisps of black smoke and disappeared.

"Oh, my God! That's the reclusive elder of the Moon Palace!" Not far from Austin, some cultivators exclaimed in surprise.

They tried their best to suppress their voices, afraid that they might attract the old woman's attention.

Austin looked at the old woman in awe.

'That old woman is very strong. She was able to break the chains effortlessly, ' he thought.

"Back off, Selina," said the old woman to the girl in purple.


Selina immediately withdrew far away from the old woman. She was still scared after a narrow es

giant waves made Austin's hair stand on end. He must admit that he was really frightened.

Soon, the Pot of Chaos was completely submerged in the sea.

Even the area within thirty thousand meters around the coastline was also submerged.

The Pot of Chaos didn't stop sinking until it reached the bottom of the sea.

Austin couldn't help but groan inwardly.

'I think I don't have any choice right now but to wait for the waves to recede.'

Suddenly, something caught his attention.

'What's that?'

Austin spotted a patch of cloth and an old gourd cask at the end of the golden fish hook.

He wondered where they came from.

'Perhaps this gourd cask belongs to that corpse, ' he speculated.

"This seems to be a magic treasure,"

Austin murmured while studying the gourd cask.

He then released his spiritual sense to check it.

He discovered that there was still no spiritual sense sign inside it.

So he examined the gourd cask for quite some time before he decided to imprint his own spiritual sense in it.

Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

A fancy name appeared in his Soul Sea.

'So, this is called the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask, ' thought Austin inside.

A piece of information about the gourd cask flew into his Soul Sea.

He read it attentively.

After reading, he was so ecstatic about what he had learned about the gourd cask.

'Oh my gosh! This gourd cask can devour anything in the world, ' he exclaimed inwardly.

Austin took the gourd cask into his hand and shook it. It wasn't empty at all!

"There seems to be something inside the gourd cask. I wonder what it is," exclaimed Austin in surprise.

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