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   Chapter 1845 The Three Masters

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"Are those the dead bodies of the immortals?"

Austin was standing from a distance. He couldn't help but wonder as he stared at the floating corpses in the black sea.

The state of their bodies didn't have any signs of decay. The clothes that they were wearing were still intact. Their faces and skin were still glowing. They looked as if they were just sleeping in the sea.

Austin couldn't fathom the bizarre sight. Even the body of the masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm would decay once they were exposed to the seawater.

The skin color of these corpses did not even change although they had been soaked in the sea for many years.

These corpses were probably great masters with earth-shaking cultivation base when they were alive.

Only a great master could refine his body to this extreme. He could eternally keep his dead body intact.

Austin couldn't take his eyes at the astonishing sight in front of him.

Then, a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood a few meters away from the sea.

"It's him!"

Austin was taken aback. He tried to look closely. The figure had a short frame and looked like a boy who was about seven or eight years of age.

Austin had met this boy twice before. He was a master of the Black Inferno Sect, an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

The other warriors at the seaside suddenly became very nervous. They tried to hold their breath when they caught sight of the boy.

Everyone knew that the boy was not just an ordinary powerful cultivator. He was a true top master.


Suddenly, the sky shot a wisp of faint sword-light and split the area. All the warriors felt a violent pain on their skin as if a long sharp sword were cutting their bodies.

The wisp of sword-light suddenly stopped when a tall handsome figure in white clothes appeared floating in the air.

"The Everspring Sword Sect's master has arrived!"

some warriors exclaimed in a low voice, as they looked at the newly arrived master not far away from the beach.

The man in white was also another master of a large sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Most warriors who came to the shore of the Immortal Burial Sea were from the Middle Pilgrim Land.

The warriors of the Middle Pilgrim Land were more knowledgeable about the Immortal Burial Sea compared to the warriors from other places in the Divine Continent.

Austin felt astonished as he looked at the man in white from afar.

Although the man in white had only a faint sword intent, this was an indication that his swordsmanship had achieved a state of simp


Everyone's eyes were suddenly fixed on the boat.

There was a man seated at the head of the boat with his legs crossed.

He was wearing a black robe that almost covered his entire body.

His head was also covered by a bamboo hat that was over one meter wide.

The mysterious man was completely covered that no one could see what kind of a person he was.


Then, a dozen of huge dark chains suddenly rushed out from the sailboat.

The iron chains were like a dozen black dragons as they twisted and flew across the air.

Cracking sounds were suddenly heard.

Tiny cracks could be seen on the bottle of the seven or eight-year-old boy.

Then everyone was startled by a sudden loud explosion.

The net of sword-light created by the man in white had burst into pieces.

A painful scream was heard.

The moon fairy that had been created by the lady in purple gave out a horrifying shriek when half of her body exploded into pieces.


Then, more than ten black iron chains headed toward the shore.

The sky was roaring angrily.

The whole surface of the sea shook violently. Giant waves with a height of more than a thousand meters appeared and crashed violently on the shore.

The three masters were stunned. Their faces turned pale from fright. They immediately came back to their senses, and hurriedly exercised their bodily movement skills as they tried to escape.

"What's wrong? What is happening to me? I can't move my body!"

suddenly, the boy screamed in fear.

The man in white and the girl in purple also became immobile.

The frightening sight shocked Austin. He immediately retreated tens of thousands of meters away from the seashore.

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