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   Chapter 1844 Hearsay About The Immortal Burial Sea

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Austin dashed along the coastline, determined.

The place where the Immortal Burial Sea was located stretched out for thousands of miles ahead, and the coastline he was following seemed endless.

About half an hour later, Austin was far away from the place where he had killed Steward Wayne.

To make sure people would not recognize him, Austin then used the Aura Disguising Skill to change his appearance.

He also asked Violet to use an illusion to cover his aura of the spiritual soul. With this double layer of protection, Austin was confident no one could recognize him.

This was one reason Austin had the guts to kill Steward Wayne of the Crimson Palace despite the presence of other warriors. He was confident the Aura Disguising Skill could hide his true identity.

Even masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm could not be able to notice his disguise.

The place where Austin stopped was crowded with warriors.

Austin looked around him and approached a young man who appeared to be simple and honest.

"Excuse me, can I ask you something?"

Austin bowed to the young man and asked nicely.

"Yes? What do you want to know?"

The young man smiled at Austin. He was as friendly as he looked.

"As far as I know, the Immortal Burial Sea is extremely dangerous, especially the dark sea water. Even cultivators at Heavenly Grotto Realm would end up breathing they last if they were exposed to it.

If that is the case, why are there so many people gathering here?"

Austin asked, expressing his confusion.

"Are you kidding me?

Didn't you know about the secret of the Immortal Burial Sea?

Well, it looks like you are not from our Middle Pilgrim Land."

The young man eyed Austin from head to foot.

"I am not from the Middle Pilgrim Land. I came from the South Mountain.

What is the secret of the Immortal Burial Sea? Please tell me."

Austin asked, humbling himself to the man.

"Well, since you came from the South Mountain, it is not surprising that you do not understand. People who come from remote and small places know little about the Immortal Burial Sea.

Normally, only the people from the ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land knows the truth about the Fallen Immortal World. Our elders make sure they pass on the information to the next generation.

Since you happen to get here knowing nothing and of all the people here you chose to ask me, I'll tell you the secret about it."

The young man nodded his head as he f

have obtained some incredible ancient heritage from the two corpses.

He then grew into one of the most powerful great masters in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

He himself created a powerful sect, and until now, it is still one of the most powerful sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Of course this place is considered as one of the most dangerous places in the Fallen Immortal World.

How he pulled the bodies out from the sea was inconceivable. No one could tell exactly how. Remember, if anyone takes the chance, and dares to get a corpse, he or she will be most likely be killed by the Immortal Burial Sea. It's as simple as digging your own grave."

The young warrior explained to Austin.

"I get it."

Austin was dumbfounded with all the information.

"The Immortal Burial Sea is indeed one of the most dangerous areas in the Fallen Immortal World.

Countless people visit this place just to have a look.

Even if we can't get the corpses out of the sea water, well, it won't hurt having a look at them,"

said the young man.

"Yes, you're right."

Austin nodded.

Most of the cultivators who had come to the Immortal Burial Sea just came to have a look and nothing else.

Of course, there must be some bold guys out there who would brave it out, and would try to get the corpses from the sea.

"Well, I came here to broaden my horizon.

My real purpose for coming to the Fallen Immortal World was to find treasures. There is no need to waste too much time here.

I have to go now."

Cupping his hands, the young man bowed to Austin. He then took a step backward, stretched his body, and in an instant, he was gone.

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