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   Chapter 1843 The Killing Of Steward Wayne

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"Master, you need to go inside the Slave Tower and hide.

There's no other option. He's too strong,"

Brady warned.

Panicking, Austin looked all around him. There was nothing he could use as a weapon but there was the black sea in the distance.

'The old man is powerful, but he seems to be afraid of the black sea water. Maybe I can use it against him.'

As the idea entered his mind, a cold smile spread on his lips. The old man stood a few feet from him and had his frail chest puffed out.

"Boy, you must give up. It's over.

Just do what I told you.

Ha-ha! Though, it's funny. I didn't expect your herbal pot to be able to withstand the power of the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea. It's certainly a treasure.

In fact, I need you to hand it over!"

Steward Wayne yelled. His hand stretched out for the pot and his eyes shimmered with greed. Austin frowned at him.

"Come get it yourself!"

A smile appeared on Austin's face as he turned and activated his bodily movement skill. Airborne, he floated towards the black sea water. The water was dead silent ahead of him like a huge opening mouth, ready to engulf him.

"Boy, do you want to die?"

Startled, Steward Wayne flashed and chased after Austin.

Despite it being insane, he believed that Austin was too proud to submit to him and would rather jump into the sea and commit suicide.

In defiance, Austin stepped closer until he was only one meter from the surface of the water.

Steward Wayne was a couple feet behind him and his arms were outstretched.

"Go to hell!"

Steward Wayne shouted and grabbed for Austin's clothing.

Just before he could grab the material, Austin activated his vital energy and moved forwards, slapping surface of the water with it.


This time, Austin used all his strength and the sea sucked back into itself, creating a large hole.

They stood and watched as the water rose back up, stirring and bubbling.


After it had combined, the water rose into a wave that was one thousand meters high. It swept towards the shore.

"No way!"

Steward Wayne shouted as his jaw dropped. With fear crossing his face, he used his bodily movement skill and tried to flee as fast as he could.

Regret filled him as he flew and the wave chased him. He didn't thought Austin was going to commit suicide, and that was why he had been standing so close to the sea.

"What is this? Didn't we just have a tide?

Why is it here again so soon and why is it so big?"

"Fuck! Run!"

one of the warriors in the distance yelled. They turned and started racing away from the water.

Austin, who had been w

his hands. A strong vital energy force burst from his body and fought against the Pot of Chaos.


He cried out as the Pot of Chaos smashed into his body. Bones snapped and blood gushed from his mouth and nose.

His attempt to save himself was futile. The Pot of Chaos was too heavy and he was too weak to hold it back.

On the ground, there was a copper mirror. As he walked over to it, Austin noticed that it was broken. Sighing, he lifted it using his vital energy force.

"What a pity,"

Austin muttered, shaking his head.

Earlier when Steward Wayne had been far away, he pointed this bronze mirror at Austin and then Austin couldn't pass through the void.

The mirror had been valuable, but now, it was completely shattered and worthless.

He assumed that it had been shattered when the wave hit; Steward Wayne must have used it as a shield.

Shaking his head, Austin tossed the bronze mirror aside.

"Lad, you killed the Steward Wayne of the Crimson Palace!"

one of the warriors yelled. The rest of them exchanged worried looks.

"Yes! He wanted to kill me so I killed him first!

Why are you speaking? Does it involve you?"

Austin glared at them while he picked up his pot.

"It's none of my business,"

the cultivator replied and then he looked at the ground.

They had witnessed him killing Steward Wayne and none of them wanted to anger him.

Still, more cultivators appeared to see what had happened.

"What's happening? This is the Immortal Burial Sea. Why are there so many warriors here?

There must be a great secret."

He looked around but he couldn't find anything special about the place.

"Let me find someone to ask about it."

Austin turned on the spot and disappeared into the distance.

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