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   Chapter 1842 Terrible Sea Water

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Steward Wayne slowly began to approach Austin with a slight sneer. At the thought of the stela and the herbal pot Austin had got his hands on earlier, Wayne's eyes were becoming greedier and his intentions were becoming worse and worse. The whole thing was annoying at best.

"Damn it, man! You are so shameless!

First, your Crimson Palace forced innocent cultivators to explore the valley, which was filled with Grand Killing Arrays so that hundreds of them lost their lives fulfilling your purposes.

And now, you are chasing after me. Do you want to rob me of my treasures as well? Have some decency!"

Austin shouted angrily.

"Huh! Let's face it, boy! We worked our asses off for twelve hours to get through that purple light curtain, but you made it through before us and stole everything that should have been the Crimson Palace's.

There is no way we are going to let you be so lucky. I will give you a choice though.

Give me everything you have right now.

Maybe I will consider letting you leave this place alive,"

Steward Wayne sneered.

"Shame on you! You know full well that the treasures in the Fallen Immortal World have no owners. Whoever's lucky enough will get them and that's that!

What makes you think they belong to you?"

Austin was almost speechless with rage. The old man was acting shamelessly and was foregoing all thoughts of decency.

Numerous cultivators were walking on the beach and would look at them curiously from time to time.

However, no one came to bother them. People minded their own business in here.

"Hah! Seems like you do not agree with me. Alright then, let me teach you a lesson you'll never forget."

Steward Wayne began stepping forward.


Before Austin could respond, Steward Wayne dashed towards him at a terribly fast pace. He opened his claw-like hand and tried to seize Austin by the collar.

Each of his ten fingers was emitting powerful rays of colorful light. These rays were at least a meter long and had an aquiline tip. Instead of Wayne grabbing Austin, these rays pierced through space and grabbed him by the shoulder.

That very instant, Austin felt that his body was once again blocked by some sort of strong law power, and he was unable to move at all.

He could not prevent this immobility, since by the time most of the cultivators reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm, they had already touched the usage of law power.

They could unleash it with a single wave of their hands.

Relatively weak cultivators usually could not fight against such cultivators because their bodies would be sudd

t wasn't moving at all. It was unharmed.


Some of the cultivators who didn't have strong bodily movement skills were swept away by the huge waves. They immediately disappeared amidst the roar of the ocean.

Some of them were not even swept by the waves. They were just hit by a bit of sea water that splashed on their bodies, and they immediately fell to the ground, screaming and rolling as if in extreme pain. A moment later, they turned into a pool of blood.

The rest of the cultivators were horrified and found their hearts beating faster and faster.

The sea water was dangerous, even to touch.

About half an hour later, the tide subsided and the sea became quiet once again. Too quiet even!

The strangest thing was that there was not a single drop of the dark sea water left on the beach anymore.

Austin released his spiritual sense out of the herbal pot to explore the area around him and found that the sea had already quietened down outside.

Then he came out of the herbal pot. But the scene wasn't any safer.

In the distance, he saw a figure flashing towards him at a fast speed. It was clearly Steward Wayne of the Crimson Palace. Dammit!

Austin glared at the rapidly approaching figure.

"Brady, perhaps you ought to come out and deal with this old man,"

Austin called Brady through his spiritual sense.

However, even after a few seconds, Austin did not see his ally come out of the Slave Tower.

"I am sorry, master. I can't get out.

I have already left the Slave Tower once today."

His voice sounded.

Austin was surprised and then remembered that Brady had indeed come out of the Slave Tower once when they were at the herbal garden not long ago. He was on his own now.

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