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   Chapter 1841 The Immortal Burial Sea

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Seeing that the grey-robed elder was chasing him, Austin used his bodily movement skill to move as fast as he could. Soon, only a flash of light could be seen from a distance, and Austin was nowhere to be found.

This was because Austin utilized his bodily movement skill to make himself invisible.

One advantage of using an Invisibility Skill was that it could make the user become invisible, both his physical body and his aura.

However, thanks to his amazing bodily movement skill, the grey-robed elder from the Crimson Palace was much faster than Austin.

The elder possessed such a powerful spiritual sense that he could locate Austin even though he was invisible. As a result, he could track the direction and stay closely behind his target.

He was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, and he was much stronger than most Heavenly Grotto Realm cultivators.

Seeing that the old man was just around the corner, Austin could not help but feel anxious.

He knew he needed to think of something. 'I should use the Space Teleportation. Hopefully, this way I can shake off the elder, ' Austin thought.

He quickly unleashed the spatial power and prepared to disappear into the void.

The grey-robed elder behind him raised his eyebrows.

'I can't believe it! How is that even possible?

This weakling not only learned amazing bodily movement skill but also knows how to use a spatial power. He could travel through space.

That's a smart move. Looks like I have underestimated him.

Luckily, I have the Time Mirror!'

The elder placed his hand behind his back, and suddenly he was holding out a secret weapon—a rusty bronze mirror.

He turned the mirror towards Austin's direction, and a faint white light beamed across a void in the air. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and Austin's figure became visible.

Austin was shocked.

The spatial force he employed had all disappeared, and he could not bring himself to travel through space.

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin caught sight of the bronze mirror in the elder's hand. He knew he could not use the Space Teleportation skill as long as the elder was using the mirror against him.

To Austin's dismay, the elder was not only difficult to deal with, but he also didn't seem to run out of incredible magic treasures.

Austin had no choice but to give up using his Space Teleportation and started to employ his bodily movement skill to escape.

"What a pity! What I have is just a fake version. It only has a few functions of the real Time Mirror. If it was the real

is entire being.

It startled Austin as he felt the death aura absorbed the life essence in his body.

He wasted no time and gathered his golden vital energy. The golden vital energy rushed out of his body and formed a dome to protect him.

Since he cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture, his golden vital energy was domineering and potent. Repelled by the dome, soon, the aura of death stopped attacking him.

Austin heaved a sigh of relief.

A few moments later, Austin found an endless ocean in front of him. "What?

Is this the sea?"

The entire surrounding was covered in darkness. The sea water glittered in the dark boasting of its majestic beauty and power. The breeze was enchanting, but Austin could feel a terrifying danger in the air.

"Is the sea water nothing but Death Water?"

Suddenly, he remembered the Death River he encountered at the Purple Immortal's tomb.

It was the dark Death Water that flowed in that Death River.

The black water that flowed in the sea looked very much like the Death Water.

Austin took a step back as he saw dead bodies floating on the surface of the sea.

"Death Water nourishes corpses!"

Austin was overwhelmed with fear as he recalled the conversation he had with the Earth Hermit. He remembered every word as Earth Hermit told him that Death Water helped nourish corpses in the Purple Immortal's tomb.

Aside from Austin, there were also many people standing in front of the sea.

"Boy, the sea in front of you is the Immortal Burial Sea. There is no escape!"

Steward Wayne who was standing behind Austin looked at him coldly. His face was expressionless as he tried to hide the excitement of watching Austin die in his hands.

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