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   Chapter 1840 Being Chased

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On studying, it was found that the skill recorded in the second jade slip was called the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

Austin's jaw dropped in astonishment as he read the text.

In essence, it had details about the body refining formula.

However, the body refining formula mentioned in the second jade slip was different from any other body refining formulas that Austin had ever known.

The Immortal Body Refining Formula dealt with refining a warrior's body as a magic treasure.

Like refining pills, it required cultivators to consider the body as a weapon and refining it in the tripot. It needed to be coupled with all kinds of precious natural resources and the Unearthly Fire. In the end, the flesh body would be refined into a magic treasure.

"This body refining formula is too dangerous. The cultivator could get killed accidentally!"

Austin was a little shocked as he thought of the process practically.

However, the pros were lucrative than the fear of the cons. He wondered if the body was refined successfully, how amazing the effects would be.

'Just imagine, when the flesh body becomes a magic treasure, it could defeat the enemy without using any weapon in the battle.

Moreover, by cultivating the Immortal Body Refining Formula to a certain extent, one would be able to discover the mysterious potential hidden in his flesh body. One would obtain a special kind of physical skill called the Arhat Golden Body.

In that case, one could fight against any ultimate magical treasure with only his physical body!' Austin pondered.

"Wow! That's amazing!"

Austin uttered in shock by the things he had read.

"I'll be able to fight against the ultimate magical treasures with merely my physical body!

Is there any other terrific body refining formula in the world like this?" Austin was astonished by the powers he could get by practicing the formula.

Austin mumbled to himself as he mentally analyzed it all. He considered the Immortal Body Refining Formula as an incredibly powerful body refining formula that anyone could possess.

"Damn it! Although the method is dangerous, it's worth it. I should give it a try!"

Austin immediately made up his mind. He was going to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

According to the introductions on this jade slip, all the materials required to practice the outstanding body refining formula were available in the medicine garden!

Semi-omnipotent herbs, high-grade superior herbs, four small fish in the pond, and the bamboos beside the bambo

ning even on the other side of the purple curtain.

The eight masters from the Crimson Palace were surprised when they found something strange over there.

"Hush! Listen! Something is happening!"

the old man dressed in a grey robe said. Then, he quickly moved around the area covered by the purple light curtain and rushed towards the other side of it.

The old man moved very fast and he soon came to the other side of the curtain.

The old man in grey robe stared at the vague figure which was tens of thousands of meters away.

"It's him!"

The old man in grey robe was able to recognize Austin.

He immediately sent a message to the other seven masters and asked them to continue breaking the purple light curtain.

Having informed the rest of them, he activated his bodily movement skill and chased Austin in the direction in which he had left.

In the old man's opinion, Austin was a nobody. Though he was at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, the old man didn't think he would possess so much strength.

He estimated that he could kill hundreds of millions of cultivators like Austin with his great strength.

"Damn it! Someone is chasing me!"

Tens of thousands of meters away, Austin was using his bodily movement skill to hide in space and galloped at the fastest speed when he had the opportunity. As a few moments passed, he noticed that someone was chasing him. He was a little scared and cried out.

A powerful spiritual sense from behind seemed to be focused on him.

"It's the old man in the grey robe from the Crimson Palace!"

Austin was startled.

He knew that the old man was very powerful.

Even Brady felt that he was inferior to him.

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