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   Chapter 1839 The Pot of Chaos

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Austin's eyes fell on the dark purple herbal pot.

It had a simple and unsophisticated shape. It was a bit worn out and had some traces of sediments that showed its many years of usage.

The sun was shining on top of the tripod and it cast the shadows of dragon and phoenix. They were moving back and forth as if they were playing with each other.

There was a faint, high pitched music coming from the herbal pot that gave someone a sense of courage.

Austin had a feeling that this was not an ordinary pot. There was something special about the herbal pot that he needed to figure out.

The medicine garden had extraordinary items like semi-omnipotent herb, high-grade superior herb, and superior pill.

After staring at the herbal pot for quite some time, Austin stepped forward and pushed it with his hand.

"Oh? What's wrong? Why is it so heavy?"

Austin said to himself in surprise.

There was a bewildered look on his face when he found himself unable to push the herbal pot.

Austin was not an ordinary man. With his strong physical strength and his current vital energy level, it was kind of strange that he could not move a simple herbal pot.

He then decided to activate his vital energy. Light golden vital energy emanated rapidly from his body like a great river.

Now that he boosted his power, he decided to give it another try. He then grabbed the ear of the tripod and tried to lift it with all his might.

The herbal pot remained as it was. It did not budge, not even for a bit!

"Damn! What kind of pot is this?"

Frustration started to build up on Austin. As he didn't want to waste any time, he immediately started his next attempt. This time he summoned all his vital energy force and physical strength, then he once again tried to lift the pot.

The pot remained as it was. He still couldn't move it!


Austin looked at the pot meticulously and took a deep breath.

"Damn it! It's just an herbal pot. What's in there? How could it be so heavy?"

Austin was shocked. He couldn't fathom the mystery of the pot.

"Brady, come out. I don't know what's with this herbal pot. Can you please check how heavy is it?"

Austin asked through his spiritual sense.

Brady immediately came out of the Slave Tower.

The result stunned Austin even more!

"Master, I'm sorry, but I also can't lift it!"

Brady said to Austin and shook his head.

'How could that be? Even a strong master as Brady himself was not able to lift this herbal pot. This is ridiculous!' Austin thought.

"Master, this is not an ordinary herbal pot. It is a magic treasure. I think this has to be refined before you can activate it,"

stunned. He couldn't help but stared at the Pot of Chaos in amazement.

He obviously knew some of the legends about the chaotic gold.

Austin waved his hand.


The Pot of Chaos instantly shrank and fell on his palm.

"I think I could easily kill a large group of cultivators once I throw the Pot of Chaos on them during our battle."

Austin was in a good mood.

"It has been said that the chaotic gold is the essence of energy from the whole universe. It is extremely hard to break.

I think this herbal pot is much stronger compared to the Slave Tower,"

said Brady.

"Wow, that is so awesome!"

Austin felt even happier.

"Come on! Let's go to the second floor and have a look,"

Austin said as he started to walk up to the second floor.

The second floor had a narrow space like a small room.

A table was placed near the window.

On top of the table, a brush and ink were placed on a piece of rice paper with some words written on it.

'Demons and deities fought for hegemony; all races were slaughtered, and it was the end for every beings!'

Austin was at a loss.

Then Austin's eyes caught sight of the two jade slips at the corner of the table.

He picked the two jade slips and tried to sense them with his spiritual sense.

His eyes suddenly widened with excitement.

He found in one of the two jade slips records of knowledge and methods about alchemy.

The pill refining methods were much more complicated and profound than the Essence of Superior Pill that was recorded in Austin's Soul Sea.

The previous owner of the place seemed to be a pill refiner.

Based on the recordings, it seemed that he was high-grade pill refiner.

On another jade slip, the recorded information was what truly surprised Austin.

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